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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Mug Shot

Honeymoon Hot Spot!

Nebraska was one of the new states for me on our honeymoon. I’ve wanted to see Nebraska for a long time with almost as much passion as I wanted to see Iowa!

We made the most of our day in Nebraska which included a baseball game and getting a picture of a police car in Wahoo Nebraska. There’s just something kinda cool and worth a giggle every time I see the photo of the police car that says “Wahoo Police.”

Of course, I showed photos from our day in Nebraska while we were gone. There was the coffee tower in Omaha, a water tower that I was working on convincing David was not just shaped like a giant coffee pot, but was full of coffee! He still laughs when I bring it up like he doesn’t believe me!

In Lincoln, Nebraska, we saw Torn Notebook, a fantastic larger-than-life sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen. I had wanted to see that sculpture for many years and wasn’t at all disappointed. I have loved Oldenburg’s work since I was introduced to it in high school humanities class. I can now add Torn Notebook to my collection of photos of his work that I’ve taken myself, which includes Free Stamp in Cleveland, Bat Column and Chicago and Plantoir in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I think maybe one of the cooler highlights of the Nebraska part of the trip was that it was a turning point for our baseball luck! The Omaha Royals were the first home team we saw win and it was our FIFTH game! The Royals beat the Oklahoma City Red Hawks, 1-0. I love a good pitchers duel!

It was a game time sky pregnant with rain, we feared LOTS of rain, but the rain managed to only stay impending through the game. We felt Ike it was us and five other fans. I think the team’s last place finish and the weather kept many fans away from the park on that night. They did strike out the Coca-Cola Strike Out batter, good for a free coke for everyone. We did collect real cokes for that. David was miffed that he caught one of the Hebrew National squishy balls and the balls were NOT good for turning in for a hot-dog. They shot a hot-dog and a bunch of balls into the crown. Bad promotion. Don’t include the squishy balls for something called the hot-dog toss unless they are good for turning in at the concession stand for a hot-dog!

The pitchers duel made for a quick game that helped stave off the rain too. But that did mean that we didn’t have time for late-innings ice cream! Since we made plans for dessert every day on our honeymoon, that meant we had to make a stop on the way back to the hotel. We got Blue Bunny ice cream treats at the same C-Store where I got this mug.

All in all, Nebraska is a very cool state that I’ll enjoy visiting again!

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Edna B said...

Regarding the top 10 uglies on the web, I happen to think that the orange tie is just gorgeous!!!

My favorite color!!! The jacket is not so bad either. Depends on where one is wearing it.

Glad to see your trip and so enjoyable, and that Grandma is doing so much better now.

Have a good one, hugs, Edna