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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Yes, we were THAT far away from city-life in South Dakota!

Sorry about posting so late today, but it’s been a busy day. I’m done with week one of school. Not bad considering it’s week THREE. But , our instructor was having some trouble with the portal to our class area and as I said, my book came in the afternoon of Saturday the 15th. We left that morning and class started the next Monday! So, I’m hoping I can get week 2’s work done tomorrow and Thursday and then I have this week’s work to do on the weekend. With Labor Day on Monday, we get an extra day before it’s due, so as long as I make myself behave this weekend, I should be on track. After 2 weeks away, I think I can stay in, even if David goes out. He worked a few late days the week before we left, now it’s my turn to work late!

I spent some time this evening sorting my bonus-sized collection of honeymoon pics on the laptop while David and I had a decadent dessert. He took our a wedge of the chocolate layer of our wedding cake to thaw while we had dinner and we had mint moose tracks ice cream with it. Mmm... Haas Bakery is incredible! I told him we should get married again for the cake. We decided it might be more affordable to get our birthday cakes from them next year!

I have to be in Michigan to go with Grandma for a few tests. She’s at Dad’s right now because she’s seeing a specialist in Flint. I went home and on our trip at her insistence, but now I need to be there for her. As I’ve said before, with my Mom gone, as the oldest grandchild it’s my responsibility and my privilege to be there for her.

That being said, between school and my family obligations, I’m running behind. I have some great train photos collected as well as the best of the touristy stuff in the queue and I’m hoping to get both posted tomorrow night after I get home.

Thanks for your patience!!

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