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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Power of Prayer and Good Thoughts

First off, Happy Labor Day to my American readers. Today is day that marks the end of summer. Any kids who aren’t already back in school will go back tomorrow and those of us who care about the fashion “rules” will put away our white shoes and purses for another year. I’ve been looking at a some ads from my favorite clothes stores and I think that when I get off my butt to go get a couple new pairs of jeans, I might bring a couple tops home too. I think that’s why I’m being lazy about the jeans. I love new clothes, but I hate spending money! LOL

I waned to say a special “thanks” to everyone who left a comment or emailed about Grandma. I visited her Saturday. After the angioplasty Friday, they decided she should stay in the hospital until the doctors determine the next step. She has the beginnings of dementia and it was a safer course than sending her home. I said, half joking, that David would be dealing with that in 40 years with me. That bugged my Dad and he asked me to not say that. I really wasn’t so much joking though. We went through this with my Great-Grandmother and while my Mom died young, my Great-Grandmother and Great-Great-Grandmother lived into their 90s. Grammy passed when I was still young, so while I did know her, I wasn’t involved in the end of her life, so I don’t know if dementia played a part with her, but genetically, that loss of clarity and confusion is part of old age that is in the early to mid 80s in the women in my family. I am very much as far as physical and chemical stuff like Mom and Grandma, so the research done on dementia and what is known about it really is of interest to me now. Heck, in 40 years, they may know more about it and maybe preventative things! And, while Tori is physically more like her Mom, Rina is the next generation of the traits of the line I’m in. I’d like to think it’ll be reversible in 70 years. So, whether or not Dad likes to hear bout it, it’s important to me.

When I visited Saturday, Grandma was in a pressure mask to help encourage breathing. I had to bring in some paperwork for the hospital, then I sat with Grandma a while. It was a rough hour and a half, but I really felt I needed to be with her. The pressure mask made talking hard, but she had enough clarity to remember a bit better than she has at times. She asked a few questions, calling me by name. She asked if David was with me and I asked her if she meant my husband, David or my brother, Dave. She opened her eyes a little wider and said, “DAVID” with a “well, duh,” tone in her voice. She remembered I was married and the difference between the man who uses his full name and the one who uses his nickname. So, although she was physically weak that day, she was a little sharper mentally. Yesterday they took the pressure mask off. Her blood and oxygen levels were up and she was breathing better. But, she told my Dad that she didn’t remember me being there the day before!

I’ll be going to see her again tomorrow afternoon. My car is just about to the point of the hour+ drive being one I can just put on auto pilot and sleep! (okay, that’s just wishful thinking!) At some time this week, I need to take a FOUR hour drive with my marriage license. I forgot to change my name on my joint accounts with Grandma and the bank won‘t let me pay her bills! I’m on those accounts so that in just this situation I can make sure her household bills get paid. I was a bit of a slacker there! Dad and I went up there last week to get the mail, make sure I had all the bills, then I couldn’t do anything about them and I didn’t bring my marriage cert with me. I’ve been a little distracted since I got home!

Today, David and I had planned to find the Disney painted special Amtrak engine, but it’s raining, so ‘m not sure we’re going. I am down to one chapter left to catch up for school. I was happy that the last chapter’s questions and case projects were pretty easy for me. I really do “get” this stuff. I don’t want to have to drop the class and take it over in January, so today will be a late night if I must to get the last chapter’s work done. I think David may be sleeping alone tonight. Maybe Kaline and Baggle will keep him company. I’ll have my book and my coffee pot!

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That’s the state of things in this coffee shop. Your continued prayers and good thoughts for Grandma and my family are appreciated. Hey, so far, they’re working!

Bless you all!

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Veelana said...

Thanks for coming ofer to my blog and wish me luck! We went through a very similar thing with my grandma. Its very tough, but you'll get through it OK. People usually manage to deal with the things that life tosses at them better than they think they could.
<<< HUGS >>>