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Friday, September 4, 2009

Catching Up

It’s been a busy week with family stuff this week! Grandma was in the hospital early this morning for an angioplasty. The result of this test will determine what the next step will be or what her next choice will be, in her health care. Please drop a prayer or some positive energy in the direction of Michigan to give her success, strength and some clarity of thought as she’s facing this decision. I really appreciate any positive energy and prayers sent her way!

I’ll talk to my Dad, who is at the hospital with her for the tests when she gets done and has a prognosis this afternoon. I’ll talk to Grandma this evening, but unless I am really needed in the Motherland, I’ll be home trying to save my semester! I have two chapters to read, do review questions and case projects for before Tuesday or I’ll be behind with more work for next week added. If I can’t catch up by Tuesday morning, I'll need to drop the class and take it in January. I don’t want to do that! So, the holiday weekend that marks the end of summer will be homework and studying for me!

I am a blessed person, though. David is so strong and there for me if I need him, but he’s also stood back and let me go and do whatever I need to for my family stuff right now. While he’s working and supporting me through school, we have more traditional roles in the house and he’s been doing a lot of kitchen cleaning and cooking after work too so I can be where I need to be. Now, you might think in an situation like this, that’s what a spouse is supposed to do and we agree, but for me, I also acknowledge that in many cases a spouse does not do that!

I feel like I would hope many people do, that I have a great family! My brother is in Indianapolis and on call to get current information, but also if anyone just needs someone to talk to. He and Laura have also made it clear that they can be there in a few hours is anyone just needs a break. There is just a lot to do and Grandma is cooperative sometimes and frustrating sometimes! Her issues right now include a lack of mental clarity that can add to the confusion for her and the stress for us.

Dad and Aunt Judy live closest to the medical facilities she needs and she’s staying with them. They are doing an awesome job with her. Keep in mind that Grandma is not Dad’s Mom, she’s his mother-in-law and technically, after my Mom passed, Dad’s obligations to Grandma ended. Technically, but not in Dad’s heart. Aunt Judy is not even related to Grandma and she’s been incredible through this too. Grandma stayed with them while I was on my honeymoon, which Grandma insisted I must NOT POSTPONE!

Like I said, our family is not big, but we are strong and close.

Now today, during my breaks between school, laundry and soup-making, I’ll stop in now and then and try to catch up the promised blogs from this week! That’s my relief in all the rushing world right now. But just now, It’s coffee and breakfast time!

As I said, any prayers and positive energy for strength and clarity for Grandma and my family are more than appreciated!

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Edna B said...

I will keep your Grandma in my prayers. We have family members similar to yours, related in the heart.

Hang in there. Hugs, Edna B.

p.s. There is an awasrd awaiting you on my blog. Enjoy.