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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Freebie TIme

Lots going on in the scrapping world right now!

First off, the Stone Accents Studio Birthday Party is in full swing. You remember last year I was in the designer contest. Well, they’re doing that again with tons of freebies. Now, as a result of my participation and cheerleading in last year’s contest, I got my store at Scrap Bird. While I realize that my stye would probably sell better at SAS, when I asked about it I was invited to compete again. I am not a competitive person. I actually enjoyed last year’s competition a lot more after I dropped out, so I realize I’m not ever going to sell at SAS. That’s okay, though. I’m really thinking the bug to design may be dwindling. It’s a lot of work for very little pay. At least as an amateur giving it away, my kits got downloaded a little. Now they’re sitting on the shelf. I was told it only pays about enough to pay for the scrapping habit. For me, notsomuch. I just don’t seem to have the time and motivation to keep doing it. But I’m not making that decision right now.

I am distracted and taxed to the limit right now. I have Grandma's car, with the blessing and encouragement from Dad and Dave. At the hospital Thursday, Dave told me he was glad I took it. It’s a slightly newer car and higher ground clearance for winter. He also asked if I’d be selling the Camaro because my (step) nephew, Rob would be interested. It’s newer than his Jeep. I said “sure” and I’d talk to Rob about it. Driving home Thursday evening I called on the cell phone from the freeway while Dave and Laura were at bowling. That’s how important a call it was. I NEVER call while I’m driving and never when I know someone is busy. I said my car was not for sale.

Not a time to make hasty decisions I'll regret later!

What was I thinking? I’m going to put plates and insurance on Grandma’s Buick for winter driving, but with my bad right knee, it’s a major chore to get into the car. I can climb into the passenger side of higher cars because it’s easy lifting my good knee first and then slide over in the seat with leverage to pull up the bad knee. In this car I have to sit first, drag my bad leg over, with much effort n sticky velour seats and I get scared on freeways because when I check the blind spots all see is the back seat. Yes, it’s a newer car, but it’s only a ‘99. I am in no way ready to part with the Camaro for any day that’s not a snow day. After the mild summer we’ve had this year, there’s a likely chance it will be a mild winter too.

When it comes right down to it, with keeping up with school and my responsibilities with Grandma’s affairs and of course the worry about Grandma’s state that makes it necessary for me to be handling her affairs, there’s no way I need to add big decisions to my mental workload or to make hasty decisions ike quitting designing or selling my car. Those things go on the back burner for now and the status quo is the life I’m living.

That being said, David and I will ho pick up the Buick at the beginning of next week and bring it home to park i the garage and wait for winter. And I have a little time that I need to work on my part of the Scrap Bird collab kit, affectionately called my “rent,” after I get my homework finished up today.

I also want to remind you abouth the newest addition to the store, my posting bonus from last month, Stones.

It’s at $1.50, so if you didn't get a chance to participate in I Wanna Talk Abut Me last month you can still get the posting bonus! To whet your shopping whistle a little for the sale, I have this freebie add-on for the kit!

I’ve had such a clogged up schedule lately that I haven’t done a freebie in a while, let alone a blog freebie! These are some add-on elements that add to Stones to make your pages for that weekend at the lake or that quiet time even better. Click the preview to go to the download, password is we-rock.

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Veelana said...

Thanks for crossing your fingers for me with the contest - I really hope you don't stop designing!