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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Honeymoon Trains

I have a ton of train shots I’m pretty proud of from the trip. The first train shot was before we even got out of Ohio!

This one was shot off an overpass on I-80, just outside of Montpelier, Ohio. Thank goodness for cell phones in this modern world! If the timing is right, you don’t linger on an overpass to photograph a train and as long as it’s a brief stop, similar to stopping to take a call rather than recklessly weaving around in traffic, no one bugs you. That is, there are no officers chasing you away from the shoulder. Highway overpasses make great elevation for shots, but on a freeway, you can’t park and walk up, or in my case be dropped off.

Diamonds are a Nani’s best friend!

Blue Island Crossing on the South Side of Chicago is a well-photographed place for railroad enthusiasts. I love the look of the tracks crossing, called a diamond, for the diamond shaped spaces at the intersecting areas of the tracks. I also really love the rhythmic sound as the cars cross over the spaces!

Monday , August 17 started out muggy and hazy to downright cloudy as we crossed into Iowa. Still the bold colors of the Iowa Interstate’s paint scheme show bold, even in the haze!

Rain was the theme from the get-go on Wednesday! Here is a BNSF train trudging through the raindrops in Minnesota.

When we saw breaks in the clouds, we moved ahead towards our eventual destination in South Dakota. Maybe we’ll get some sun? Try, maybe even better

The sun broke as the rain still fell! We got not one, but two rainbows in a double arc that went from the ground and back. Wednesday was THE DAY for our railfanning for the trip. There weren’t a ton of shots around the downpours, but what we did get was pure magnificence!

Just moments after entering South Dakota, we got this last train of the day. I love how the lights flared in my shot.

Back in South Dakota the second week of the trip, we scouted this shot the day before and were waiting for the fabulous morning shot at Sioux Falls park in the morning!

Those are a few of my highlight train shots from the trip. There will be a few more trains and a whole lot of other shots on Facebook soon!

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