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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Deadline and Nanifest Report

All I want for Nanifest this year!

I know what everyone looking is thinking! The non-baseball fans are wondering if I’m mad at David. The baseball fans are doing a double take and saying, “Huh? No way, they wouldn’t!” The casual-but-devoted Astros fans are either crying or throwing something and David is laughing!

Last week, in exasperation I asked, “What’ll it take to get Lance Berkman in a Reds uniform...and DON’T say “Halloween!” Well, the question is still the same, but today’s interim answer is “Photoshop.”

But I Just can’t accept Photoshop as my only answer, especially in light of today’s big trade news! Ken Griffey Jr. was traded to the Chicago White Sox. I’m not as much an American League fan as I am a National. My cousin emailed today, asking if I was going to be a White Sox fan now. Well, I am a Reds fan. My American League allegiance is to the Tigers. I cut my baby baseball teeth on them! The Braves are number two in the NL and then, it’s the Cubs. White Sox fan? HECK NO!

I still want to see Junior do well. I wish he could have retired at home, in Cincinnati, but as he is in the twilight of his career and it was pretty much accepted that Cincinnati wasn’t going to exercise their option on his contract for 2009 if he kept playing, it was sensible to make the trade.

That being said, I am NOT giving up the season for the Reds! Nuh-uh, no way! We’re only 9 games away from the wild card, 14 games out of first. But losing Griffey takes our number three hitter away! We need to do some shuffling, and we NEED Lance Berkman! The Astros will have to put him on waivers for me!

Okay, so, what’s in it for Berkman? No brainer there, Berkman is the hottest visitor in Great American Ballpark. His stats in Cincinnati are remarkable! Imagine his stats if he played more games at Great American Ballpark, say 81 of them. Can we say “Hall of Fame career?” So, there is no question that Berkman should be ecstatic over my idea!

What to offer in trade was a bit more difficult. Berkman is a first baseman and I am NOT giving up my adopted Rookie, Joey Votto, at first base. Berkman throws left, a great plus at the right corer. Votto, who has been putting extra practice time in on his defense, has great natural instincts and throws right, better for third anyway. So I suggest moving Votto to third and offering Edwin Encarnacion and a couple of prospects for Berkman. Hey, he’s a .300 career hitter withOUT playing half his games in Cincy. It’s not going to be a straight trade!

So, there is what I want the baseball gods to do for me for Nanifest XLII

Now lets talk cake!

It tastes BETTER than that!

“Plan A” for the Queen Cake was that I was going to make a black forest cake. We’d stop at Kroger on the way in Monday and I’d bake the layers before I took Tori home, finishing it at lunch time Tuesday. But then horror took over!

When I picked Tori up last Thursday, we had engine heat issues. We had to drive home from Fort Wayne with the heat blasting and the windows down. That’s what my owner’s manual said to do. It worked too! David was getting a little rattled at my lack of engine coolant knowledge. I know oil, not engine coolant! Engine knowledge is neither a requirement for Mensa nor a birthright in Detroit, so I don’t think I'm a special needs driver because I don't know coolant! I was on the phone with Scott on Friday and he was walking me through. My lack of engine coolant knowledge wasn’t so frustrating to him. I told him that I needed someone to think it was cute that I was a princess when it comes to radiators and he chuckled and said he’d talk me through it. That’s what big brothers who know cars do! They laugh at little sisters and play the part of the super-hero “Carman.” Well, with David’s help, I topped off the engine coolant overflow thingy, which Scott said should have fluid I could see. Then we left for Hershey in the rental car.

Following David out to take back the rental car, I had the same problem! No steam, but the gage read too hot and the “check gages” light came on. Now stress. I was afraid to go all the way to Fort Wayne to meet my brother half way to get Tori back. He had to work Tuesday and couldn't drive all the way up here.

We ended up meeting in Angola after I put the rest of the bottle of engine coolant in the overflow thingy. I got there and back, not turning on the heat and no overheating. It seems I just needed a little bit more in it. I also know where to check the engine coolant and I check the overflow thingy whenever I check the oil now. BUT in all the stress of the overheating engine, no cake!

So, Tuesday morning arrives. It’s my birthday. There’s no Queen Cake for Nanifest. As David was leaving, he told me not to worry, he’d make sure I had something to put my candles in.

“A Twinkie?” I asked.

“Or something chocolate!” He smiled.

So this incredible double layer chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache was the “twinkie” he brought home! My honey knows how to turn what was trying to be a kinda depressing birthday into a heavenly event! He brought me cake batter ice cream too! We’ve been enjoying that dessert a little every night since Tuesday. There’s enough left for tomorrow too!

So weighing out the good and bad things this week, and adding in some stellar postings I’ve found and applied to in the last two days and it’s been a great festival so far - and I’m only half way through!

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seamhead gypsy said...

Berkman would be SWEEETTTT in a Reds uniform. But, geez i just don't ever seeing the Astro's trading him. Well, there is one scenario where they might trade him. They could do what the former owners of the Red Sox did 10 years or so ago. Sign him to a (i'm going to be nice here) really hefty contract worth lots of money like manny ramirez received when he left the indians for the red sox. Doing that would make sure that they couldn't afford him sometime down the road, say 4 or 5 years into the contract, then trade him. Of course the problem with that is that the Reds probably couldn't afford him either.

Nani, back in April or early May, I told you that the Tigers would be ok and not to worry. Well, ok maybe you need to worry a little now, but they are doing better than the pre-season favored Indians. Now I'm asking you to give the Reds a year or two. Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips will be leading this team to the top of their division. They'll get help from the pitching staff which will be solid with Volquez, Cueto, & Bailey. Yes I said Bailey. The kid will be fine. I can't promise you that I'll give up being a citizen of Red Sox Nation, but I will enjoy watching the Reds' success!