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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lunchtime Report

All fixed!

Stopping in for a quick bit of housekeeping. I check the comments every now and then on my 4-Shared account. As I’ve said before, I really don’t read them that often, so I prefer comments about my freebie kits left here, especially comments about a link being broken! Apparently i June the link to the Tuesday part of ‘in Only Seven Days’ wasn't working. I checked it and, sure enough, it was an invalid link! I re-stuffed and re-uploaded the Tuesday part and checked the other links while I was there. Everything else seems to be in order! So, if you tried to download par 2 of “In Only Seven Days” and it didn’t work, you can go back now and finally complete your copy of the kit!

I’m looking forward to the start of Nanifest XLII tomorrow at 5 PM! If you don’t know what Nanifest is, check the archives back on Yahoo! (Nanifest XLI) It’s only a one-week festival this year, well, 9 days. David still has to tell me what kind of cake he wants me to make myself...(Honey, if you read this, tell me to get the stuff for a black forest cake!) I’m also going through my calendar to figure out who I’ll get to see this year!

Now, I did get to see Grandma and much of the relative family last Sunday. I went up to Pop’s because Grandma was in town. I got to see Dave (brother) and Laura (girlfriend-in-law), Tori and Rina before they left. They were there Saturday and spent the night. I got to have dinner with Grandma, Aunt Judy and my Dad. Pop grilled bratwurst that he got at Alwards in Hale, Michigan, when he picked up Grandma. He also grilled zucchini just because I was there and I’m a zucchini freak!

On the way home I got to enjoy some Sunday style NPR. Public Radio is politics and classical music during the week. The weekends belong to Jazz and odd brainiac stuff. Yes, I can be a geek when it comes to my radio habits. I found out some cool stuff about fireflies. Did you know they glow to alert potential mates? I say alert, because the females, who don’t fly as often and glow as they sit on the ground waiting, don’t always mean it when they say “come hither.” They are the WORST kind of tease! Sometimes, “yes” means “I’m hungry!” The females find sipping the fluid that makes the males glow to be very tasty after they rip the males head off! It’s pretty and so peaceful to watch them glow. Who knew??

Okay, lunch time is over and this afternoon is my call list! I hate call days. I just don’t like talking on the phone. But if I need it as part of my job, I smile , let my voice smile and avoid the phone at home! Right now, the call list, for cold calls, is part of work with the hope that soon I’ll be earning a paycheck for that work! I also have to draft my letter for a VERY cool job found posted this morning!

Wish me luck!

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