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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Taste of A Perfect Summer Day

Today’s blog is a short one but a big one! Again, the freebie isn’t from me, but it’s with my kit! Vicki, of Bubbles Babble, the quick page queen, did this fabulous layout with my “A Perfect Summer Day.” “A Perfect Summer Day” is available as a bonus to anyone who posts a layout done with one of my kits or parts of any of my kits or scrapbooking elements and sends a link or jpg file to chroniclesofnani@gmail.com.

You can score a quick page of this layout at Bubbles Babbles. Remember to read the whole entry or you won’t have the necessary password and you’ll miss out on the thoughts and stories she includes in her blog too! While you’re there, if you haven’t visited her blog, check out the other quick pages and anecdotes she offers. Her blog is on my blog roll because it’s just a fun read! Leave a note in her comments to say “Hi” and let her know you stopped by and as Vicki says “remember your manners” and if you download the quick page, leave a “Thanks” in the comments at 4-shared or Bubbles Babbles!

Enjoy the freebie and if you’d like the whole kit, send me your layouts!

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