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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scrappin’ Saturday

Nothing says summer like a funnel cake, right?

Okay, click the image to go to the page for Heavenly Funnel Cakes. What a great page of ideas! The one pictured, of course, is a BLACK FOREST FUNNEL CAKE! Yum!!

It’s been a couple busy weekends in a row! Since we have one day with nothing to do this weekend we’re doing a stay at home and veg day today. I like those! David is kicked back on the couch playing online poker and watching the Red Sox game for me it’s a scrap in my jammas day! I’m hoping to get a few more pages done for my heritage project and I have a new kit that I’ve been working on too. Right now is take a break to blog and share some fun and interesting stuff! I’ll probably go watch some of the Sox game in bit!

I hope you’re checking out the sites in my “Blogs I Read” section on the right. That’s me sharing my Google Reader with all of you! I wanted to call attention to two new blogs that I’ve added in the last week!

Lady Larissa Designs has some just fabulous kits! Larissa also offers coordinating mini kits as freebies to wet your appetite. Okay, I admit, it was a post promoting her freebie mini kit for “Brain Freeze” that initially caught my eye. As you all know, my weakness for ice cream is almost as bad as it is for black forest cake! But she also has some other great kits, even a steam train kit, I just gotta give props to any designer who has a train kit in her store, ya know?

I put this page together for my regular scrapbooks to show off Larissa’s Brain Freeze mini. I just HAD to do a layout to use that Sundae! Still working on catching up, the photos are from a Dunkin Robbins evening in May 2006 with Scotty and Roger.

Credits: Brain Freeze by Lady Larissa Designs, Fonts - Trebuchet MS and Times

Visit Lady Larissa Designs Blog to get you own inspirations and the kits to make them happen! Make sure you check out her newest, “Black, White and Red All Over.” The mini kit is free for now before it moves into her store!

My other new must-read blog is Dinphy’s ScrapSpot.

The color swatch for KimB’s Color Challenge at DSO for July is nice, but it didn’t inspire me to do a kit. That’s nothing at all against the colors! July is a very booked month in my world, plus I have the job hunt by day and something going on every weekend. Also in a couple separate visits, I have each of my twin nieces over. They are old enough to keep themselves occupied for a half day while I’m doing working on working stuff, but then I give them the other half day and the evenings they are over. It only amounts to abut four days total that I give up scrapping and half day of job stuff, but add that to busy weekends and I’m working to keep up on my personal pursuits as well. Not so great for designing inspiration. I have that kit I’m slowly working on that spoke of earlier, but since I’m till relatively new at this designing thing, it takes a little more concentration than I can spare this month!

So, I needed a kit to do a layout with for the color challenge. There are always some wonderful kits done as part of the challenge, and the one Dinphy did, Old Love, really caught my eye! It was perfect for this layout for my heritage project -

Kit - Old Love by Dinphy (Free at her blog!), Base - Dani’s Girls July 08 Template,
Inspired by“Sand Baby” by Memory Keeper (at SAS),
Fonts - American Typewriter, Chalkboard, AKA Frivolity

I loved reading her “7 Things” blog, I think we’ve all done the 7 Things blog. Dinphy is Dutch and English is not her first language. You’d never know that to read her blog though! But in her 7 Things, she tells of looking spellings of words in English up and that reading blogs is refreshing her English, but don’t ask her to speak it! I had t laugh because my French is the same way! I read and write it better than I speak or understand it spoken! I think I type better in French too, because I type slower in French.

So, head on over to Dinphy’s ScrapSpot and download the Old Love kit, it’s just beautiful! She has other color challenge freebies and quick pages, so I’m sure you’ll find something there that will inspire you!

Finally, great news that many of you may have heard, Beckie Wallace could not keep away from designing! YAY! I love her stuff! You’ve heard me rave about kits that practically make the pages themselves. Beckie was going to take a break from designing with the birth, very soon, of her third daughter, a new lioness due next week! I think she was out of “the Biz” for about 2 weeks. She sees designing as a creative outlet she’ll need with three little ones at home. I’m glad she’s back! She’s now selling at Sunshine Studio Scraps and this weekend is her grand opening sale there, 20% off everything in her store.

Part of the celebration includes several new designers at Sunshine Studio and a huge collab Kit called Mango Tango. This mega-kit is just gorgeous and it’s a total freebie! It takes some blog hopping to get all of the pieces, but that also gives you an opportunity to visit the designer blogs and get to know each of them and their work. When it’s done, you’ll have visited some very talented people’s blogs and you’ll have a great kit too!

Stop at Beckie’s blog to get more details and all the links to her new store and the fabulous designers who have contributed to Mango Tango!

Visit Beckie’s Blog

Last, but certainly not least, a freebie from ME, a quick page done with Dandelions and Thistle!

Here’s My Layout -

Credits - Dandelions and Thistle quick page by Digitalegacies, Font - Times

The word art layer is included as a separate file.

As usual, please leave comments at The Chronicles rather than 4-Shared and if you’d like to pass this quick page along, please send friends to my blog for downloading! Enjoy!

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