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Thursday, June 26, 2008

That’s Good, That’s Bad, That’s FREE!

I have to chuckle at myself for the title. “That’s Good, That’s Bad” is a children’s book that was written in 1963 and the book I read for the oral reading competition in school in first grade. I remember the book so well because I won first place in the first grade division. Steve P was my classmate who came in second place. He won the next year while I was in second and we tied for first in third grade. It was a good, friendly competition between the two of us for three years.

The last couple weeks have been good, well, and bad too. David was on vacation last week, so after getting back from my tour of the Motherland Fathers Day weekend, it was just me and the cats...and the job hunt. I make it a practice to give a full workweek to job hunting, but not more. That is I take breaks during the day, a lunch hour and I quit at 5:00, unless there is something I need to put a little OT in for. It’s just like my hours would be at a job. When you average the mornings I “go in late” because I cooked breakfast for David before work with the days I “stay late” it’s pretty much a 35-40 hour week.

When I had coffee with John and Scotty, John was blunt. That’s John’s way. If I need something said to me, he doesn’t sugarcoat, much anyway. I mentioned that I was making that effort not to burn myself out and welcome in the negativity that can go with job hunting. He said “thank you.” Oh, it wasn’t a “Thanks for taking care of my friend” thank you. It was a “You were impossible to live with because you were so cranky last time you were job hunting,” thank you.

I had no idea I was that grumpy before! But John and Scott both assured me that I was and I am much better this go around. Hmph. With age DOES come wisdom! ;)

Last week was more of two things. More later days because I didn’t have someone coming home and more time at the end of the week at night for scrapbooking. I refuse to watch Interleague blasphemy, but the Reds were in the only real game for the first part of the week. That’s all we’ll speak of the series against the Dodgers. I was on a pretty high creative flow then! I did a few layouts I’m very pleased with! You’ll see a couple of them below!

Anything bad, that is the big thing bad, no David, was fixed with the birth of Monday morning, when David came home just after midnight. The industrious, but lonely week was over!

I’m also thinking I was living right on the job search front. I started yesterday with an interview, followed by an email confirmation on another resume and request for more information! Of course, with nothing signed on any lines at all, I returned from the interview to fill out that information request and continue with my search, but I got to do it all feeling like I’m not hopeless!

Write-It, Frame-It
Write-It and Frame-It are sets of extras for journaling or framing. I was inspired in two ways to gather and put these element packs together. First, I thrive on praise, and I got all kinds of comments about the train magazines under my journaling in this layout that I did for the SAS scraplift this month.

Credits: June Color Challenge add-on by Kim B, coordinating frame by RC Mama Designs,
flower from Vintage Elements by Kanela’s Xpressions, Inspired by “Our Family” by emst

I had actually created the magazine journal mat as an add-on element for Train, Train. I haven’t done a freebie since Heart of Glass and I wanted to offer at least something small. But then I started thinking about the amount of journaling I do and the fact that I am always looking for new journaling mats so the pages in my scrapbooks don’t get boring with the same old journal mats all the time.

Credits: Kit - My Guy by Darlene Haughin at stoneaccentsstudio.com,
layout inspired by “Graduation at Harvard” by urgodschild2

This layout was for a scraplift at Digital Freebies and Maria LaFrance’s weekly challenge last week. Maria’s challenge was to use an element in a different way. That was easy for me! What will I turn into a journaling mat? In this case, it was a frame turned into a place for journaling!

Here are Write-It and Frame-It

sorry, this link is expired

Write-it Elements Pack

includes notebooks, 2 magazine stacks, a DVD box with 2 sides for journaling or one for journaling, one for a photo mat and baseball and popcorn journal mats.

sorry, this link is expired

Frame-it Elements Pack
Includes 2 variations of the DVD box, a sparkly heart and a couple baseball and popcorn frames just because Nani wanted to!

For these two collections, you can use them as intended, or not. Use the write-it pages for photo mats or turn the frames into journals. Whatever you do with them, if you download them, enjoy them!

As usual, I ask that you please refer people to The Chronicles of Nani for the freebies, rather than just share the links. I appreciate all comments, but I am sure to see the ones you leave here instead of at 4-shared. Finally, if you use the mats or frames in any layouts, regardless of the designer(s) for the rest of the layout, please credit me in your gallery and send me a link! I’ll send you a link for A Perfect Summer Day!


Beckie said...

Wow, Nani! These freebies are fantastic! Super work :)


Zan said...

Nani...isn't it funny the things we remember in our childhood.
The frames look great.
take care

Dawn said...

Great journaling blocks! Love them, Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

tina said...

Great freebies are these. thanks for sharing.

Sharpli said...

Thanks loads these are all sooooo useful.

LuAnn said...

how awesome are those freebies!!! thank you so much!

Tirza said...

I guess this means I can put anyone I want on the cover of Newsweek :). Thanks for these elements.

Edna B said...

Thank you so much for the frame its and write its. They are great and very handy to have.

Lori said...

Ooooooooo I love these! Thank you for sharing them! I've snagged! :)

Sue said...

I'm new to your blog and I love its name!

Thanks for the journaling pack and frames. They're really handy. Thanks for sharing.