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Thursday, June 12, 2008

David's Birthday and Tagged Again!

Happy Birthday David!

Yesterday was pretty big day around here. David reached a goal, a milestone, and epiphany. David is 42, the answer...to life, the universe and everything!

(Hey, some time ago when I blogged about books, I warned everyone to brush up on their Douglas Adams!) Scrawled on our calendar on the June 11 space, is “Deep Thought was here.” And so, now I live with the answer.

David really doesn’t seem different to me today, but for the next 48 days, he’ll be the answer and I’ll just be a plain old middle aged woman. Oh, by right of passage when I turned 40, I’m still always right, but I’m not the one thing in all the universe that everyone seeks. That’s David.

The Answer

We commemorated the day yesterday by chasing a few trains after he got off work and then we came home for dinner and birthday dessert. I made the large round frosted brownie pictured above and cut out the Hitchhiker's Guide logo and mounted it on the deck that hovered over the cake. I did NOT try to draw it in frosting. The last time I tried to make a frosting creation, for his 39th birthday, it was a bit less impressive than I had pictured in my mind when I started. But I was only 38 then. Like said, I’m over 40 now, I’m always right. I now know I can’t decorate cakes! LOL

He did get quite the chuckle out of the cake when he saw it. Then when I added that magical number in candles, it was perfect.


I didn’t get any requests this week for Friday By Request, so there won’t be an FBR tomorrow. But you can feel free to send me requests at any time! If a request comes in after Wednesday afternoon, I’ll do it for next Friday. A request can be for anything I can put in a blog! Want to see a top-ten list? I can do that! Want a soul-searching opinion? I’ll write it! Want to see a short video presentation of my best train pictures or a photoblog of about different flavors of potato chips? I’ll do it! Challenge me to create a scrapbook page with my photos or yours, to post my three best recipes or to write a funny poem about unicorns. Hey, I wrote a page and a half in high school about why red jelly beans were better than the other colors, I love to stretch my brain! LOL If you have anything for me, leave it in comments, with the first letters FBR or email it to chroniclesofnani@gmail.com!

I’m ”It”

I was tagged...again! But, it’s a different week and, well, I’m a Leo. Leos are known for always being able to talk about themselves. Of course, I try not to overdo that, really, but it’s y blog - the whole point of blogging is getting to “talk about me.” (Even blogs that talk about other things are still blogs that are all about the author’s opinion!)

Darlene tagged me this time around. Y’all know the rules. I’ll tell you seven things about me, little or at least lesser known things that will range from boring to downright odd! Then I’ll offer that anyone who hasn’t and would like to, to post 7 things about themselves on their blog and please, leave me a comment guiding me to your blog and your answers! I’d also like to extend an offer for anyone who’s done this and wants to share seven more things please do! If you do the seven more because you too are a Leo with an insatiable ego, welcome fellow lion! When the list is done, I will tag one other blogger.

7 More Points of Nanintrigue

1. I never wanted to be married. I’d even decided to completely give up dating the day before my first contact with David. Strange how events in your life can change your outlook on life.

2. My bachelor’s degree is in broadcast communications. I had enough business credits for a minor in business marketing, but I realized that too late to declare the minor on my degree. Rather than pay for and wait another semester that I didn’t need, I got the degree without the minor. If I get another degree, It will be in Marketing.

3. I love old black and white movies. Cary Grant is my favorite classic actor and my favorite B&W movie is Bringing Up Baby, starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn

4. I keep a water bottle at my desk or in my tote bag. I make sure I fill it at least three times a day for a daily minimum of 69 ounces. (I know the minimum RDA is 64, but it’s a 23-ounce bottle.)

5. The most depressing part of unemployment is not being able to keep my hair colored!

6. I love to plan parties and major events.

7. In my early 20’s, I made most of my own clothes.

And now, I’m tagging Kaline!

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txbubbles said...

Just popping by to see what's up! I have sooo much to catch up on! Great cake!