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Friday, June 13, 2008

Odds and Odds

The title? Well come on, it’s me. To an optimist, it’s never the end! Although today was trying, it’s been a good week, nothing really solid, but I got my portfolio updated and applied to a couple of VERY good jobs and a bunch of not so great, but jobs none the less. I even threw my hat in for a temp job and a couple of part time gigs. As Grandma always says, “keep trying something has GOT to break soon!” And she’s right, as long as I don’t quit, I still have a fighting chance that today is the day it pays off. My personal mantra, it’s better to aim for something great and fail than to aim for nothing and succeed. As long as there’s still a target and I still have arrows, I’m still NOT losing!

Fridays always are a little slow as far as getting voicemails instead of real people and nothing really posted anywhere. Everyone who is employed is anxious for the weekend to start and if they’ve put in any OT, they are trying to wrap up to sneak out early. I just have the grumblies because after I took an hour break for a late lunch, THEN we get really bad boomers, that I can hear and see in the lights, come in. I had to unplug the electronics for about a half our until the storm passed.

Now, the weekend is here. Time for Nani to take a deep cleansing breath, exhale and put the week to bed. I’ll rejuvenate and be back for more Monday morning.

Now The Odds...

What are the odds it’ll be full one day?

I got this from Beth Nixon’s Blog. Beth has been dealing with some sciatic nerve pain for a week now and she has such an awesome “up” attitude while she’s dealing with it. If you stop by her blog, be sure yet drop her a few words of support in her comments!

States I've Visited
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com

In order for it to count as a state visited for me, I must spend the night, have a meal or see a state tourism listed attraction or a sports event. It doesn’t count if I just drive through on the way to someplace else, an airport layover or drive across the border for a little while and back while visiting another state unless I do one of the qualifying activities. I’ve stopped in Minnesota twice, once switching planes and once to photograph a train while David and I were in Iowa. So, Minnesota is not listed...yet! :)

The states that are currently way up on my list are Hawaii and Nebraska. There is a Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii I want to see and an Oldenburg sculpture in Nebraska! I also want to go to Delaware and Oregon if for no other reason than that they represent holes in my map!

What are odds that you’ll enjoy the same blogs I do?

I want to encourage everyone to visit Kaline’s blog! At Behind Orange Eyes, you can read her thoughts and views of the human world from the feline perspective. She loves comments from humans as well as their cats!

Oh, and if you are reading down the blog, you’ll see a longer right margin! My Google Reader list is in that column now! Those are the blogs I read as they are updated. It offers me the opportunity to share the blogs I find entertaining and to let you all see some of the sites that give me inspiration from time to time. These are all Nani-recommended reads!

What are the odds that this was a healthy lunch?

See what I made for lunch today? Okay, actually the cookies are my Fathers Day gift for Pop. Years ago, I asked him what he wanted for Fathers Day. I was living with my parents at the time and his reply was “Just stay home.” He didn’t want a gift, he wanted to cook on the grill and he wanted his kids to be there to eat it. I try to make it to his place for Fathers Day, so does my brother, but it’s a lot more difficult since we live farther apart. Last year, I ended up sending a “Happy Fathers Day” text to both my Dad and my brother and they weren’t in the same place either! This year, the barbecue is Saturday night and we’ll both be at Dad’s. My father is ecstatic! He was making my mouth water Wednesday night when he told me what he had planned for a menu Saturday night! I also found out that since I made my reservations at the Hotel Dad first, I get the guest room and brother and mate get the fold out downstairs. Since David won’t be able to make it this weekend, one of my nieces will more than likely take the extra sleeping space with me and the other with my Aunt. Pop will have a full house and he’s positively glowing with anticipation!

My final plan in stretching that gas for the weekend, is Saturday morning, I’m meeting Liz for brunch then going to Pop’s for the PAR-TE-Q. After Sunday breakfast with Pop, I’m meeting Tracy for lunch. It’s going to be a busy but fun weekend!

The cookies are my gift. His favorite flavors for sweets are peanut butter and butterscotch and he’s a cookie nut! (we’ve even seen him eat cookies in his sleep before, but that’s another blog story!) The ones I made at lunch time are half regular peanut butter and half peanut butter with butterscotch chips.

What are the odds that you’ll leave a comment?
I hope good!

What are the odds you’ll come back after the weekend to read more?

I hope better!

Have a great weekend and ...

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!


Edna B. said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend with your Dad and brother. My daughter in law used to always bake my hubby a huge batch of his favorite cookies (chocolate chip, and he would guard them closely till they were gone.

(and yes, I do stop by every couple of days to see what you have to say.)

Anonymous said...

hello, this is my first time posting on any of these "G" blogs. i followed you over from your 360 archives (found you randomly) and checked in to be able to get here... i imagine you had a wonderful time at your festivities. what a great blog post sharing about father's day!! thank you!

Livia said...

Hi Nani!

Hope you've had a great weekend!
And now I want to eat cookies and there are NONE at home!!!

You've just been awarded! Check it out on my blog


Have a great week!