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Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Mug Shot

Agatha’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater
Atlanta, Georgia

This one of my newer mugs. I wasn’t even totally sure I was going to buy it, but I was encouraged by my travel-mate!

“Kelma and Nanise” was the trip Kelly and I took in early April, 2005. That trip started with me flying into St. Louis, as I had the year before, but this time Kelly and I took off in her van from Sikeston through Tennessee and into Atlanta.

I’d taken vacation days for Friday and Monday to make it a long weekend. I was self-employed at the time and since I’d just finished a major showcase a couple weeks earlier, my boss was pretty cool! ; ) Kelly picked me up at the airport on Friday morning and I got to meet Jacob, her grandson and my godson. After stopping for Starbucks, because that’s just a tradition, we headed back to Sikeston to drop off the baby and get our start on our weekend.

It would have been a straight shot there, but we stumbled upon a sign for a scrapbook store, trouble! I was still paper scrapping at that time, so it was two scrappers walking into a small, but stuffed store! We took turns holding Jacob wile we browsed. That was a neat opportunity for me to get to know my new godson a little. After dropping a chunk of the vacation fund at the scrapbook store, including a cool die-cut of the St. Louis Arch, we continued on back to Sikeston.

After dropping off the baby, We started out to cross Tennessee to our Friday night destination, Chattanooga. We spent a good portion of Saturday in Chattanooga, seeing the sights and taking in the beautiful spring blooms on the trees. If pinks and purples with bright greens and white are your color scheme, you want t be in the South in the spring. It’s just breathtaking! By the time we fought our wy through the Atlanta traffic, we barely made it to Agatha’s before they locked the doors!

After the great time we had at Bissell Mansion the year before, we just HAD to find another murder mystery to go to! Agatha's is just the place for great food and great murder in Atlanta! We were seated in a much larger dining area than we had been previously. We also had smaller parts, both of us in the chorus this time. The show was called “Hooray For Hollyweird,” and it was the case of the “Sweet Tea Stranger.” It was a fun musical mystery. Again it was a 2-an show, actually, a man and a woman...who both played male and female roles. The cross-dressing costume and makeup in the last act had everyone in stitches!

Part of what Agatha’s is so much bigger a place than Bissell Mansion, aside from the fact that Bissell Mansion is an actual mansion and Agatha's is a restaurant built for dinner theater, is that at Agatha’s, there were a lot of locals! We were sitting across from a MARTA train driver and his wife, celebrating their anniversary. Agatha's is very popular for the food and entertainment by the residents of Atlanta, that speaks volumes for the quality of both!

When the evening ended, the show was over, the desserts finished and the tips left on the tables, we met the actors and had our pictures taken with them. After thanking them for a great show, we went back out into the downtown air to Kelly’s van and went to check in to our hotel. Tired from our long day, the girl talk only lasted a little while. But it was a great long day, as is any day, long or short, with your BFF.

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