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Friday, June 18, 2021

The Chronicles of Nani - Surviving

I'm so far behind on everything. I really want to catch up, to get everything on my list of priorities done so that my time is mine again. I do realize there are just some things I should probably just say no to doing.

I've taken over making sure all of the household bills, including my medical bills, I get paid. Since I started doing that we haven't had one late payment and they do it all digital so we don't kill trees getting paper bills or just clutter David's table and never get paid. I know it's like a 1950s housewife horror movie but I called my life. But considering that when Social Security time comes around my degree and years of working will mean nothing and my Social Security checks will be based on the fact that I was a wife. It's humiliating, but I'm going to be the best darn simple wife that I can handle with MS.

But the biggest and most important priority if my world is my vlog. It makes me feel like I'm working again. That's a pretty big deal to a recovering workaholic. And that makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. Like when I was a self-help group leader, I can try to help people with chronic illnesses be more positive. I also hope it helps caregivers and loved ones of people with chronic illnesses, like me, I understand better what their loved one is dealing with and to keep those friendships and relationships as close as they've always been.

I'm sorry I didn't put a note up here. There was no video last week (I put it on Facebook and Twitter, but if you don't follow me on those media, it kind a lefty wondering and I'm sorry.) I was moving some things so I could stretch a little bit because my legs were sore spending a whole day trying to edit in a hurry video that was supposed to go up last week. My husband left on a weeks vacation and I had just lost the agency that was applying an aide 9 hours a week, which is better than nothing. But now I did have nothing going in to seven days with no one coming in. To say that I was overwhelmed is a major understatement!

So, while I was trying to get last weeks blog done and I've managed to really get "in the zone" of that I forgot about stretching my legs at all. When I was moving things the most dropped to the floor and I had to wait until my husband got home to retrieve it. The only problem was it was broken. I can't edit or even do anything in Photoshop without my mouse. That's the skipped week. I got on Amazon and ordered TWO mice so there would always be a back up. The first mouse that I got mail was a gift for my friend and former coworker, Mary. The message was "enjoy your gift. Now get back to editing!" She knows you're a workaholic friend too well. LOL

Today's YouTube video it's about that week but I was so afraid of and how it turned out to be a very good week after all.

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