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Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Review: Treasure in Tawas, An Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths/Cozy Mystery by Madison Johns

Finished June 2, 2014

Synopsis at Good Reads

The last thing Agnes Barton expected was to be slapped in cuffs alongside her best friend, and fellow-sleuthing buddy, Eleanor Mason. All they had wanted to do was to verify if a painting at the Butler Mansion had indeed been stolen. How were they to know that they had tripped off a silent alarm—or that Agnes’ nemesis Mildred Winfree’s body would be discovered when the cops showed up? It didn’t help that they had entered the mansion illegally—using a key Agnes had pilfered from her daughter Martha who was working as a real estate agent to sell the old place.

Word has it that a treasure map was hidden in the back of a painting at the Butler Mansion, and it was just too juicy a story not to investigate. So here Agnes and Eleanor sat in jail as prime suspects as they were brought in for questioning.

The tabloid, Tall Tales, printed a treasure map in its most recent addition, and soon, East Tawas becomes a point of interest as treasure hunters began tearing up the town looking for treasure. Agnes and Eleanor join in the foray, but she wondered just who was behind this tall tale, and what did it have to do with Mildred’s murder?

My review at Good Reads

3 of 5 stars

I read this book because I wanted light reading with a cute story to read on vacation. I chose this particular book because my grandmother lived in the Tawas area for almost 30 years and I know the area well. I wasn't disappointed in the accuracy of the places and nuances of the area the author is either from the area or she did her homework well.

I did get light and cute whodunit I was looking for. Descriptions were done well and gave me a vivid idea in my mind of what everything looked like. The only thing I was less than impressed with the detailed descriptions of clothes. I like the believability of the characters and potential bad guys. If I could change anything I think there were some wrap-up’s in the end that didn’t seem really necessary and we're kind of rushed. This is, however, book #5 so there were likely some established details I didn’t know But it was still a cute story and if I need a break from heavier reading I might pick up this author again.

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