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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Review: The Great Chocolate Scam by Sally Berneathy

Finished May 26,2014

Synopsis at Good Reads

Third book in the Death by Chocolate series.

Finally Rick has agreed to sign the divorce papers and give Lindsay her freedom! She is sitting in her lawyer’s office waiting for him when she gets the call.

Rick is dead. Murdered by a bomb that blew up his car in his own driveway.

Lindsay is his sole heir. Or is she? She’s never met any of Rick’s family. Though he told her various conflicting stories about them, she came to believe they didn’t exist, that Rick was an alien stranded here when the mother ship left without him. But then Rick’s mother and two brothers show up followed by a woman who claims to be his ex-wife and a boy she claims is Rick’s son. Everyone except Lindsay wants to inherit Rick’s estate. What’s so valuable that someone killed for it and is ready to kill again?

Come for the Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars, stay for the murder, mayhem and fun!

My review at Good Reads
Five of five stars

I just love these books, probably because I can love anything where chocolate is a central theme but I also love any book that's a good mystery and the Death By Chocolate series covers both well. The Great Chocolate Scam is a nice light mystery with a few interesting twists, some great chocolate, and a less-than-predictable ending. I've come to really like Lindsey Powell as a character and I'm sure I would be a regular for breakfast and lunch at her shop! All the books in this series are, like I said, a light mystery and a great relaxing quick read. Whether heavy reading is your choice for fun or necessary for school or work the Death By Chocolate series is a great break. I highly recommend them.

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