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Friday, May 2, 2014

Battling One Monster After Another!

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth but close. I had a nasty virus monster attack Joey, my laptop, and only computer. Joey had to go visit the Geek Squad for a few days. The solution for the virus that actually attacked the operating system was to back my data up on an extended hard drve and completely wipe it clean and start over.

Since I've been seriously looking at tablets and had decided which one I wanted, I decided to ask if they have payment programs for buying a new tablet since I was going to be without my laptop for a few days. They told me that there was a payment plan per se but I could apply for credit and put it on the card that day. I really didn't think there was a chance that I I’d be leaving the store with a tablet that day. But it so happened that I was worth enough credit for the tablet! So now I have my iPad, that I'll be paying for until I'm 50, and I spent last weekend moving in to the new device. I had apps to load. I had books to load. I had lots of stuff to get used to so that kept me very busy which was good since I didn't have my laptop.

At the end of the weekend when I still hadn't completely comfortably moved in I got a call that Joey was ready to pick up! So I spent the first half of this week finishing moving into the iPad and moving back into my laptop. It's been a busy techno-week.

What is the first things I did one of the first apps I loaded on the new iPad was Instagram. Remember I told everybody that when I got my tablet I wanted to get an Instagram account so I could start posting my coffee. If any of you use Instagram please follow me at java_nani and I’ll fokllow you in return. Then you'll be able to answer the all-important question what coffee is Nani drinking now and where?

I also with all of the new techno stuff that Joey reloaded I'm ready go in time for international scrapbooking day festivities at Gotta Pixel, Ginger Scraps, and Digital Scrapbooking Studio; the three scrapbook sites I visit most. The challenges this month look great at all three. It's going to keep me a busy scrapper.

As I'm wrapping up this blog post I have a question: what is the absolute worst day and time to look down while you're washing dishes and see a lens from your glasses on the floor? Why that would unquestionably be Friday, middle of the afternoon when it takes a day’s notice to get a ride to the eye doctor. So since I'm squinty now and going to be squinty for a couple of days and I have to reserve that stress that I'm putting on my eyes until I get my glasses fixed I'm going to have to say goodbye for now but I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday whenever my glasses are fixed!


KC Bob said...

Glad you got everything fixed up. I like your new template.

I have tried to blog from my tablet but find it too hard to position pics and the like.

Sorry about the glasses. I can relate to stuff happening on Friday afternoon.

Edna B said...

I was getting so worried, until I noticed on the side of your blog where it said that your laptop had a virus. Now I read that your glasses are in need of repair too. My goodness, you've had a Murphy's Law weekend. Here's hoping that all is well by Monday or Tuesday.

Congrats on the new tablet. One of these days I'm going to get one too, but I'm just not sure which one I want yet.

It's good to have you back Nani. You've been missed. You have a great weekend, hugs, Edna B.