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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Behind Dark Eyes: I’m A Graduate!

Happy June to everyone especially ME! I’m officially a Acme Feline Obedience School Class of 2014 grad! Woo Hoo! Cat treats for Carla!

Now I didn’t graduate a valecatorian like Kaline did but I did get the highest grade ever on my final school project! At home I’m known as “The Good One.” I took a tough situation and made it good for me. I mean what bad luck that Mommy and Daddy brought a kitten in the house when I was halfway through school. How does a 5-year old even get noticed let alone make the staff obey?? Well, you let the kitten be obnoxious, like kittens are, and let him pick fights with the queen. When they don’t see what you knock over because the other cats are louder, they’ll do anything for you! Total obedience and I didn’t have to work for it!

Now that school is done I can do some of the fun stuff that Kaline and Marco do but I hada study. They like to go on the porch because it’s warmer and kinda like going outside. I go sometimes but I don’t play and sleep out there like they do. It’s not really outside, but I get nervous and scared they’ll shut the door. I don’t really remember why it scares me, but I like being inside with Mommy and Daddy, not outside with a door between me and them. I’ll stay in and let them remind me I’m the good one with extra scritches!

I gotta go tell Mommy to put kibble in our bowls now.



Edna B said...

Congratulations Carla!!! I understand why you don't like doors between you and your mon and dad. I don't like them either. I also don't like people to get between my mom and me.

I'm glad I did not have to go to school. I don't like being away from my mom. Well, I have to go bark at some folks around here. You have a fabulous day. Woofs and licks, Pogo B.

Nani said...

Thank you, Pogo! I wouldn't have liked going away ether! I took my classes online like Kaline and Mommy. Mommy didn't go to obedience school though, she too people college classes. -CYP