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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


See? I told you before that if I disappear for a few days check out the book listed as “currently reading” in the Good Reads app on the sidebar. I SO owe my cousins who recommended David Baldacci to me. The Innocent was just a fabulous book!

A good book is important when you have to try not to move a lot because you can’t shower and you don’t want to sweat. Okay, okay, the good news is that Monday night at 9:30 PM after 12 days we had running water again! I posted a few weeks of this year’s “So Random 2014” and you’ve seen that I do two pages for the week in quarters which always leaves an extra square for “something;” extra bits relevant to the week. Here is the extra square for this week posted right after the eighth day without water:

Taken For Granted

You don’t realize how dependent you are on water, specifically running water in the house, until you are without it for a week. Dirty dishes piling up, no clean underwear, having to get water brought in for the cats and for coffee or instant soup, toileting needs making the house septic for not being able to flush and hand washing, showering and teeth brushing only getting done when we spend the night at a hotel. Yes, that’s a first world problem, but living in a first world your situation declines faster as the rest of the population outside of your troubled bubble sees you not living up to that society’s expectations of cleanliness and your own psychological expectations, not met, drive you into an insecure place of discomfort.

I had WAY too much time to think about how wonderful running water is.

So now for the rest of this week I’m looking forward to washing dishes, showering when I feel like I want to shower (and not having to go to hotel for that) and folding all the laundry my wonderful husband is going to do. I also have a physical therapy appointment, groceries that I’m going to pick up and a trip to Dunkin Donuts to…to have coffee and a donut. There are many places that are closer to get donuts and coffee but Dunkin’ Donuts is comfort food and after 12 days without water in the house I think I deserve some comfort food.

Now, and I know you’re probably reading this in the morning on Wednesday, but for me writing this it’s very late Tuesday and I am going to enjoy one of those wonderful showers, ahhhhhh, and then head off to dreamland.

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Edna B said...

Gosh, I'm so glad you have your water back!! I am so surprised that the city did not bring in clean bottled water to the sick, elderly and handicapped. A couple of days without water is definitely a challenge, but almost two weeks is a health threat to many. I wonder why the city did not open the school gym showers to the residents without water? Oh boy, let's not get me started here. I don't mind a few inconveniences while problems are being fixed, but this was totally unacceptable.

Nani, Spring is definitely on the way, and I hope it comes really soon for you. I'm wishing you a lot of warm sunny days to make up for all you've had to put up with lately.

Pogo and I have been busy getting ready for our upcoming vacation. It's only days away now. A change of pace is going to feel wonderful. Enough of my babbling. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.