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Friday, December 20, 2013

Nani Is A Bad Santee!

I drove Suzanne and my Santa crazy because I don’t know my own address, or anyway I didn’t type it right. When I turned my address in with my Secret Santa Soirée survey I added a number that’s not in my address and the post office was preparing to return it as undeliverable when there was no return address. I’m sure the delivery confirmation had the address but still what an awful Santee to mess up my own address! Of course, this makes my Santa even more awesome because she freaked out about it and Suzanne the best Secret Santa coordinator ever for catching and fixing my screw-up.

So we just got back from our annual trip to Connecticut for the holidays and I knew my secret Santa box had safely arrived after our combined efforts to correct it with my post office and I haven’t had a chance to post the photos and gush, and gush is totally what I’m doing, about my wonderful box from my Secret Santa. So here it is!

The first thing in the box was a sweet Christmas card with a cat laying on an old-school TV with the video fireplace. How perfect is that? I have the video fireplace that I watch on my computer and there are always cats around it.

Next I pulled out all of the packages.

Spoiled much, Nani?

First thing that I noticed as I unboxed the loot was a large bag of Almond M&Ms, my favorite M&Ms!

The first package that I opened had a note on the front, like several of the packages did, and this one said it was a true delight from my Santa’s home state. This would be my first clue on the road to trying to figure out who my Santa is.

It’s a cow pie! Made in the great state of Wisconsin. So that’s my first clue; my Santa is from Wisconsin, enjoys a little humor and great treats. After the initial “cow pie,” chocolate, caramel and pecans? How awesome; YUM!

There were so many wonderful treasures in my box. My Santee included chocolate mint coffee from Wisconsin and chocolate milk straws because she lives on a dairy farm. More clues, more clues…

Her daughter loves to crochet and made me a washcloth! I won’t use it to wash dishes because it’s pretty and handmade for me and, well, I thought it would make a great mug mat instead and be safer from accidents.

Add to the chocolate collection a few Ghirardelli solids, that whole bag of Almond M&Ms and a giant Hershey’s Symphony bar! Now I do have to decide if I need to eat all of it before January 1 or if I need to cut it into 6-point snack bags for the January Recommit. Maybe I’ll do a little of both but that Cow Pie is screaming for my attention!

I got a couple of sweet ornaments! Sweet and more chocolate in a red M&Ms ornament. I got a green and yellow last year so this will be perfect with them! I also got the cutest kitty with a scarf! I extra love them because they are unbreakable, this year our tree is all unbreakable ornaments for Marco’s first Christmas so when he climbs the tree we won’t hear crashing!

There was also a Marx Brothers DVD. I love classic movies and there are four movies on it and I’m sure I’ll find myself plopped in front of the TV with a mug of that Chocolate Mint coffee the next big snow day!

The best treasure in the box is a handmade quilted mug mat. When I opened it I just caught my breath; it’s GORGEOUS! The quilt pattern is beautiful and the holly stripes really caught my eye, but those cat triangles are just so perfectly me!

The coffee cup appliqué embroidered in the corner of BOTH sides is so sweet, and it’s green, my favorite color and the single fabric side is a fantastic winter snowflake print. Both sides are just beautiful. I love it!

To my sweet Secret Santa, bless you and thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so generous and made me feel very special! You are a fantastic Santa!

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Edna B said...

Oh my, what delicious goodies!! You ARE very special, Nani. And so you should be spoiled several times throughout the year. Any days ending with "day" are great days to be spoiling you.

At least that's what Pogo tells me. I spoil him wicked and he spoils me too. d

How was your trip? Rather nice, I'm sure. Gosh, you were so close to here! Did you get caught up in any of the snow storms between here and Ohio?

My laundry is calling. You have a great day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.