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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Last Monday of 2013

We’re just about done with 2013, wow. I’m not going to comment about how quick the year has gone because for me it hasn’t. Honestly, years never go fast for me; I don’t let them. Well, at least that’s how control-freak me believes it works. I can look at the whole year and think it went quickly but when I think back specifically to events that happened last January they seem so long ago. 2013 was an interesting mix of really good and really bad. You know since the year started with five days in the hospital it really couldn’t get worse could it? I’ll be looking back at my goals and projects for the year this evening and evaluating how I did prior to visualizing 2014 and affirming my goals and projects by posting them at The Chronicles of Nani.

But right now I’m going to join Heather and Wayne at Acting Balanced one last time in 2013 for the Monday Quiz About Me.

1. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

As an adult I seldom get what I ask for. I still have a wish list for things. Those are posted on Pinterest and Amazon but I don’t think anybody ever really looks at them; those are more for me to remember occasional presents I’ll buy for myself. As for the intangible things I wish for almost annually; a world free from hate and judgment, and end to violence to women, children, animals and random strangers, all of whom have a right to be free to be anywhere and know they are safe… Oh yeah, and a cure for MS. I didn’t get any of those things either.

I’m not complaining about what I did get. I got a nice trip to Connecticut to see members of my married family; I married well adding wonderful people to my family. I got a few days with Rina visiting helping me with baking and saving Davinities’ 40th anniversary. I got various cards, emails, calls and visits with friends and relatives, my family. And after our usual gathering on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts, David and I stayed in Michigan and got to enjoy Christmas morning breakfast with Pop, Dave and our combined immediate family. I’d have to say that I got what I always want for Christmas; happiness.

2. Do you plan to make New Year's Resolutions or set new goals? What do you resolve or hope for in the new year?

I make my list of goals and projects for the New Year every year and post them here. You can see my 2013 goals and projects here. Check back, probably tomorrow, to see how I did and what I have planned for 2014.

3. December 30th is National Bicarbonate of Soda day - (yes this is really a day) - what do you use it for?

What a weird “holiday.” Bicarbonate of soda is baking soda. It does have many different uses. In our home I use it as called for in recipes, mostly baking. When an open box of baking soda has been in the cupboard for a while I rotate it with the open box in the refrigerator or freezer where we keep baking soda were not baking with to freshen the area and keep odors and flavors out of our food. I also use baking soda with vinegar to create a mild acid to unclog drains.

4. Liam wants to know what kind of car you drive... or what kind of car is your dream car?

Well Liam, I don’t drive anymore but I used to drive a Chevrolet Camaro. Now I use our public paratransit bus.

When I drove my dream car was a bright red Corvette. Now my dream “car” is a van my power chair can go in with hand controls so I can drive it. Unfortunately a van like that is more expensive than the Corvette I wanted. So right now I’m happy that I have public transportation available for me and when I see buses that transport wheelchairs in any city I point had and say “that’s just like mine!”

And now my question for everyone reading, including Liam ;-)

5. What happened in 2013 that made you the happiest?

There were lots of things that made me really happy this year but the one thing, simple as it sounds, that always makes me smile when I think about it is a complement I got from our next-door neighbor. The landscaping, lawn, flowers and plants in our neighbor’s yard are gorgeous and perfectly groomed. They are lawn and garden enthusiasts and are exceptional and other hobby. We don’t do a lot of spiffing up around the yard; David mows the lawn and Kelly and I planted spring perennials in fall 2010. I love my spring flowers, even if that’s the only thing actually kinda landscaped in our yard.

A couple months ago we were leaving and I exchanged pleasantries with our neighbor in the driveway about “growing things” and she commented about how beautiful my flowers were every spring. That’s like a famous chef commenting about how great your appetizers are. Thinking about it still makes me smile ear to ear.


retired not tired said...

I have listed many of the events that happened to us in 2013. We took 3 cruises. One to celebrate my birthday, one for our 40th anniversary and one that we just finished for 42 days so we didn't have to fly to Europe. We had a new grandson born in April and 2 great-nephews as well. We are looking forward to a quieter year.

Terri D. said...

2013 wasn't an exciting year for us, but it was a good year. We traveled north a couple of times for graduations and a wedding. Family time is the best time!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

Edna B said...

Good morning, Nani. Did I get what I wanted for Christmas? When I was forty, my hubby took me to Faneuil Hall in Boston to see Santa. I sat on his lap and he asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told him that I already had everything I wanted,and he told me I was a very lucky person. I did ask him to stop in for a cup of cocoa and some chit chat while on his delivery travels every Christmas. And he has, every year since. Am I lucky? Or what?

I don't make New Year resolutions any more because somehow I never did keep them. I do have goals though. I try to learn to be a better photographer, and I do my best to give Pogo a wonderful life. I give to animal rescue leagues so that more animals can be rescued and taken care of. One wish that I have is to see animal cruelty wiped out.

My car is "Baby Blue Eyes". She's a very pale blue 2013 Hyundai Tucson packed with all the options. One of the best options is the seat warmer. Oh how glorious it feels on a cold day to have your tushy and your back toasty warm!!!

Well, now I've somehow touched a wrong button, and your blog has disappeared from my screen. So, I think I shall sign off here before I lose the comment box too. lol.

Nani, I surely hope the new year is good to you. I wish you much love and happiness. Tell me something on your wish list, and let me see if I can help you get it. Now THAT would make me so happy!!

Happy New Year, hugs, Edna B.

joanne said...

I don't comment often, something I need to work on, but I wanted to say that I find you to be a very interesting person. I am always lifted in spirit when I come here and see how you handle your MS. I have many health problems and 2013 was no exception to the rule of complications. I hope that 2014 brings you all the wonderful things you wish for, and even more that you can imagine. take care, be well. j

blueyes said...

I have to say first anything with 13 in it should be outlawed. That said I did obtain a full time position in my chosen field with the federal government :) Happy New Year!