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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Little Peace, Planning and Poppers

Lookie! All three cats on the bed, kinda touching even! There is still plenty of charging and hissing when it’s not nap time, but they are able to peacefully coexist when they are all tired. Still, when they aren’t sleeping they are doing a little better at ignoring each other, well the girls ignore Marco. Kaline still gives unwarranted growls when he walks by, but it keeps him walking by and Marco only attacks them when, really amped up for playing. It all takes time, Maybe they know Santa Paws is watching!

Today is Secret Santa mail day! The deadline is today and my package was all wrapped up Monday night, but I finished getting it ready to mail last night. I didn’t want to send it too soon, since it’s a SECRET Santa Soiree I want my package to blend in with the herd in the mail. Still I can’t wait until my Santee gets the package and I read about it on her blog.

It’s also time to get ready for Davinities! You know what that means! I sample cookies while I’m baking and crave salad like crazy! It’s so true! When I’m doing my Christmas baking I have to have bags of lettuce and lots of other salad fixins! It’s gonna be an interesting lesson in contrast in the grocery buggy tomorrow!

Salad with tuna and crunchy veggies last year (12/13/12) 

In getting ready for baking and for the January Detox I created a quick and delicious recipe yesterday. Bell Poppers are my healthy take on restaurant fried Jalapeño Poppers. I used mini bell peppers and stuffed them with shredded cheese and a few shakes of green tabasco sauce. The green is a milder sauce with less heat and lots of spicy flavor. After stuffing my peppers I lined then up facing each other to catch any cheese that spills out and microwaved them for 2-1/2 minutes.

Not bad for a first try. The flavor was great! Next time I’m going to try some Neufatchel with the shredded cheese and try mixing the cheese and sauce first, then stuffing the peppers. I’m also going to work on a way to keep them standing and microwave a little longer to cook the peppers more. I may try it in the toaster oven too. But for a first shot, the Bell Poppers are very good!

This was breakfast yesterday:

My great find Raisin Panettone with pumpkin spice coffee. That mug is one of my favorite holiday mugs. It’s three stages of the Eat ‘n’ Park star and tree from their holiday commercial. I’m on their mailing list, so they send it every year and every year it makes me cry a title more because it’s so beautiful. Remember that it sometimes takes a few tries for me to stand up and I rely on those wonderful people who love and support me in so many ways. I posted the spot on my Facebook page and I’m posting it here too with the same message. ”To all my famil; relatives and dear friends, at home and in cyberspace: I am the little star and you all are my tree!

Can you see why it makes a mush like me cry?

Well, I’m off to finish up my shopping list and maybe even do a scrapbook page, maybe; I’m a little behind on that 2013 goal so far this month!

Other Santas in the Soiree: today is the day and part 2 of the fun begins!  Make sure you get your delivery confirmation numbers to Suzanne by the end of the day so she can enjoy her Santa without extra stress!


LV said...

Your kitties look so warm and content. My package has been mailed. Trust the others follow through as they should.

Edna B said...

I mailed my package out a few days ago. I already got my Secret Santa package in the mail and it was really super!! I just hope my person likes her gifts too.

I did tell Suzanne that I mailed my package, but I forgot to give her the confirmation #. Thanks for the reminder.

I loved your little video, and I can understand why you love it so.

Now I'm off to get into a little mischief before it's time to start getting ready for work. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.