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Monday, October 15, 2012

Starting The Week Off Right

Good Monday morning!

Kelly got here safe and sound Saturday evening. David left on his week-long vacation last night, adjusting his hotel nights for the weather. It’s cool because it meant he got to see Kelly a little, although wee were gone for a good chunk of yesterday, before he left. Yesterday was the last day of my dad’s vacation week, so we went to Pop’s for an Italian soul food lunch.

The Ultimate Comfort Food

Pop made piada, and Italian unleavened bread, served with seasoned pan-fried greens an Italian lunch meats and cheeses. Hew also made a plate of cosione, those seasoned greens fried up in rolled out pasta pockets. The piada and greens was my request when he asked me what I’d like him to make. He chuckled as I told Kelly it was “soul food” because it was the meal that brought back happy family memories from my childhood. The chuckle was not in calling it my soul food; it was because it gave a term and an explanation to the fact that that meal is the one that is most requested by my brother and both of my aunt’s kids when they get together for a meal with their families It is that meal that satisfies the taste bids, stomachs and inner-children of all four of us.

While Kelly is still sleeping, remember it’s an hour earlier according to her Missouri body-clock and besides I’m an early riser, I want to get my Monday Quiz About Me hosted by Acting Balanced and Touristic done so I have some time to read and answer some question #5s before our day starts!

1. What is the most interesting fact you have learned recently?

It has to be that fact that my brother, cousins and I all request the same family meal when we visit my dad!

2. The alarm goes off on Monday morning. What is your first thought?

Okay, I’m a dork here; my every day alarm is set for 7:05 AM on my phone. I’m rarely still asleep when it goes off, but I have it set so I am sure to be awake to take my morning vitamins and medications. This morning, I was sitting in front of the computer reading a news story with the phone sitting next to the keyboard. When it went off, I jumped. That’s more common than it waking me up, so I’d have to say that my usual thought when the alarm goes off on Monday is some sort of surprised expletive and “Gee that’s loud,”

3. What is the most memorable movie line of all time?

Hehe…today it’s “I’ll be back,” specifically from The Terminator, because I just finished this scrapbook layout last night:

Leaf Terminator
Credits: Fall Festival; Papers by Inspired Designs, 
Elements by Kathy Winters Designs

4. Describe a situation that always seems to try your patience.

Waiting. I hate waiting in traffic, for an event, I even go nuts waiting for David to be ready to leave the house when we go somewhere. The only thing I really don’t mind anymore is waiting for the doctor.

As I explained to David last week when we were waiting in the doctor’s office, when I was the one getting a diagnosis I didn’t want to hear and had lots of questions about, I was glad that the doctor game me his time to answer my questions and not hand me a pamphlet and say he had other patients waiting. It totally changed my perspective on waiting in a doctor’s office. But if a friend is meeting me for coffee, they’d better be less than 15 minutes after the scheduled time or I expect a phone call!

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

When a dear friend or family member is visiting from out of town, what thing do you make a point of doing together? (ex: board games, a meal out, attending a museum or event…)

When Kelly and I get together, whether it’s in Toledo, Missouri or someplace out of town for both of us, there is always a coffee shop involved at least once. We both enjoy, what her ex named “five-dollah-coffee,” and the chance to sit down and talk…and talk and talk and talk! It’s often where we pick our mug for the visit. We always select a coffee mug when we get together to commemorate or visit. We each buy one of the identical mugs and trade them. It’s our tradition!

Oh, by the way, we have NEVER paid five dollars for a cup of coffee. (Sorry Carl, you were a victim of your own exaggeration on that one!)


Brenda Youngerman said...

I LOVE you coffee mug exchange... and what we end up doing... for some reason or another... is a meal and then a movie or a board game. Whenever I have all three of my kids and we have time... (which is rarer and rarer) we end up playing a game...

Marti said...

Love your page layout! When a friend comes to town we generally go out to eat or if it is just a short layover we have coffee at Starbucks.

My Kid's Mom said...

I don't have people visit often enough to have any traditions. Maybe a cookout when the kids come home (from the service).

Heather Smith said...

I try to make sure that Wayne takes everyone on his walking tour of Downtown Charleston...

Romi said...

We always have a meal together, sometimes at my house, at other times at restaurants.

Sammie said...

Oh my word! I am drinking coffee out of the exact same mug, I've recieved it almost ten years ago from a friend. :) I saw the picture and blurt "hey that's my mug"

To answer question now. When peopke visit there is usually the trip to the beach to walk it. We are only about an hour or so away depending on traffic and most our friends and love ones live away from coasts. Also with a majority of our visitors a card game of hand and foot is in order seeing as we taught them the game before moving back east. Lastly Hubby must cook! Everyone loves his grilling.

Arlene said...

I try to find out if there's something they haven't done in our area, then make arrangements to do so. Like taking my mom to an outdoor mall, or my sister to the zoo in Naples.

Wayne W Smith said...

I always tend to do a walking tour with them. Thanks for participating in the MQaM. Hope to see you again next week.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your meal sounds delicious. Foods from our past are always soul food!
I am always up before my alarm but I too have meds to take. Enjoy your time with Kelly.

Tami said...

One important question! Why was I NOT invited to the italian soul food lunch????? :)

Anonymous said...

I try to make sure my guests have a "memorable" home-cooked meal.

Edna B said...

When I have out of town company, I always ask them what they would like to do most while they are here. As for that "soul food" all I can say is YUMMY! Oh, that looks so good! My mom used to make "American Chop Suey" (a pasta dish) and "Corn Chowder". I haven't made either in a very long time so I guess I will try them both in the next week or so.

I just LOVE THAT MUG!! I've never seen one like it. You have a fabulous day now. Hugs, Edna B.