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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Dream World Series

My dream World Series is a step closer to happening today. Ahhhh! A heart devoted to my sport is purring over my top AL and top NL teams both holding the title of Central Division Champion in their respective leagues with the Tigers victory last night.

I posted this on Facebook this morning with my proud proclamation that my dream World Series is a step close to happening.

My baseball history brief:

My dream World Series potential lives with the Central Divisions Champions; I was 2 years old when the Tigers won the ‘68 Series. It was a day game, so there was no one home with my baseball fan Mom but the sleeping baby and the toddler. She picked up the toddler and danced in celebration. I don't remember it, but I'm told I loved baseball from that point on. Baseball = happy.

By 7, I was an avid baseball nut and the baseball cards that got a special place in my jewelry box were the Tigers and Reds. My childhood heroes were Al Kaline and Pete Rose.

I actually got away from following baseball or pretty much following any sports when I was in school. My passion started to rekindle in the late 80s with the Braves; a superstation helped. Since I was hoping to move to Atlanta anyway, I had adopted the Braves as my team, but the Playoffs in ’95 taught me that I can’t just walk away from my roots when I just couldn’t cheer against the Reds.

So, now I am eagerly awaiting my dream World Series; Detroit and Cincinnati, 7 games. The dream MVP is either Joey Votto or Austin Jackson.

Joey Votto was my last “Adopted Rookie.” When he was called up in September 2007, I had a feeling he’d be around for a while. His official rookie season was 2008 and I adopted him in late April. All adopting is for me is telling everyone about this great rookie that they HAVE to see and dutifully voting for him in the All Star game. 5 seasons and an MVP award later it was a good call!

Curtis Granderson, now a powerhouse for the New York Yankees, was my answer when the Tigers ads asked, “Who’s your Tiger?” The trade that sent him to the Yankees crushed me. Now, when I hear good things about Granderson, I say “That’s my Yankee!” I’m not a Yankees fan, but I will always be a Granderson fan. But part of the trade that took my Tiger away brought us Austin Jackson out of the Yankees farm system and into ours. He was a Tigers rookie the spring after the trade. As it turns out they replaced my old answer for my new one. Who’s my Tiger? Austin Jackson! Have you seen him field??

So my plan is my favorite American League team will face my favorite National League team in the Series and I’ll see both of my favorite current players into very early November. I’ll need a Reds coat to go with my Tigers blanket and some tickets! Hope is strong. Life is good!



I LOVE baseball!!!! Bring on the World Series!!!! [altho 'my team' - the astros, were the worst in Baseball history....yep, they broke a record]...I just can't not be without the Fall Calssic.

Edna B said...

My team is out of play, so I hope your favorite team wins. (How can you lose?) Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

My favorite team made it to the post-season, too ... and are looking to make it 12 in '12!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hope you get your dream series!