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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Tuenesday!

Good Tuenesday to everyone! I’m choosing to ignore that yesterday happened so I’m combining days to catch up. If you follow baseball, you know that yesterday was not at all the day I planned for. I told my friend, Ben, last night on Twitter that I was inspired by the baseball gods to make this script:

He essentially called me a flawed prophet. The he asked me what drugs the script was for. You know since I had a vision and all. Lesson: Don’t get into a baseball theology argument with someone in the medical field.

So, with Tuesday having not existed in my mind, I’m looking forward to the Reds and Tigers completing their sweeps of the bay area this Tuenesday!

Okay. Optimism restored. Let’s get on to the Wednesday Hodge Podge, hosted by Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.

1. In what ways do you indulge yourself?

Coffee; I only drink 2 or 3 cups a day, sometimes even just one, but it has to be good coffee. I don’t believe in drinking bad coffee and it’s the one thing I’ll spend a little more for no matter what. I’ll go without chocolate for a few days before I’ll drink coffee I don’t like and I won’t go without coffee for a few days! I’ll be patient for anything else as long as I have a good cup of coffee while I wait.

2. Have you ever taken a cooking class? Any interest? What type of class would you most like to try?

Never taken a cooking class; my cooking education came from being “Noni‘s little helper” for many years and then watching my Mom cook. And I didn’t actually start cooking until I was 26 years old, although I’ve baked since I was 7. But the lessons I learned from Noni and Mom made me a pretty darned good cook.

3. What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Vote, help where you can, stay out of your neighbor’s business unless that neighbor invites you in.

4. 'Tis the season of the political advert...do these ads influence your vote?

No and it terrifies me that there are people who are influenced by them and those people vote. Maybe the biggest problem with our country is that people believe what they see on TV.

5. What's something you see today that makes you wish you were a kid again?

Sneakers with blinking lights. I would have wanted them desperately when I was a kid. Heck, if they came in adult sizes, I would have bought them for me when Rina and Tori had them.

6. What's your least favorite cliché?

The phrase “it is what it is.” Oh, I want to just shake anyone who says it! “It is what it is” unless you change it and if you’re too lazy to do anything to change it don’t even talk about it! Arrrrghhh!

7. What percentage of your Christmas shopping has been completed? How does that make you feel?

That percentage, on this OCTOBER 10, is zero. I shop early, but to have none done on OCTOBER 10 is something I am completely fine with.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I realized I asked my question on the Monday Quiz About me without answering it! For the Hodge Podgers who didn’t visit on Monday, that question was:

Do you prefer watching the sunrise or sunset?

I prefer to watch the sun rise on a brand new day. I’m an early bird now, but even in high school and college; the all-nighter days, I loved hearing the birds sing and seeing all the gorgeous colors of dawn. The sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean is among my favorite views!


Life in a Small Town said...

Ha, ha, to the sneakers that light up! Could you imagine if they made those for adults??? Crazy!!!
Your response to the political ads was exactly how I commented on another blog.

Zoanna said...

Wow, you really get fired up about the "it is what it is" cliche, huh? :) I have had to adapt it as a recovering perfectionist because I would fuss way to long over the
inconsquential details and beat myself up about dumb things. That said, I agree that it's often used by lazy people as a copout for not changing what IS of some consequence and screams for some intervention!

LynnMarie said...

I'm with you on the sunrise/sunset question. In the morning I am awake and waiting for the day to begin. I love to see the sun come up over the trees and welcome me. By evening, I'm too tired from the day to notice. Loved the answer to #3! You go girl!!

Edna B said...

I would not be sorry if all political ads were banned from TV. I can't stand all the mud slinging and dishonesty. I also don't like finding that half of my phone messages are political ads. I find that an invasion of my private space.

As an "older" adult, I find that I indulge myself with new techy toys and photography toys whenever I can. I also enjoy getting fun things for my little dog.

I have made a nice little dent in my holiday shopping, although I still have to get the "big" things on my list.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Joyce said...

Hmmm...that question is a toughie. I love them both..if I'm at home I'd say a sunrise, but if I'm at the beach then definitely a sunset.

Enjoy your day-go O's!

skoots1mom said...

sunsets are my fav!


I've often commented to Bud "Why can't we grown-ups have the blinking lights in our sneakers too?"....now that you mentioned that I wish I'd thought of it.

April said...

I've never acquired a taste for coffee. I love green tea, however, and drink it twice daily. I am a sunset addict! We live on a small lake and the sunsets are breathtaking!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, I so agree with you about the cliche. I bet I hear someone say it almost everyday and I've gotten so sick of it. Good answers!