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Monday, October 8, 2012

I‘m Still Here!

I’m not quite as busy as a farmer in the fall, but I get into a bunch of stuff. I try to do stuff on the computer while the baseball game is on. Seriously, during the regular season I write a blog during the commercials or do a scrapbook page during the game moving things on the screen between pitches; it’s no different than a conversation at a live game. Maybe that’s part of my joy in the sport, that I can enjoy the game and still have the social aspect of being with like-minded people. We all stop talking and watch at the same time, so it’s about impossible to be rude.  During the playoffs when my teams are there; notsomuch.

I had a lovely day with Sheri Friday, and it was fantastic. We went to Zoup for lunch, a fabulous restaurant that offers 12 soups daily. Sheri had Lobster Bisque and a half sandwich and I had Pumpkin Pie Bisque with sweet potato tortilla chips. I love pumpkin season! I always try a pumpkin something new every fall if I can find something new. Last year it was pumpkin beer and pumpkin fudge. The year before David brought me a jar of pumpkin butter. David says I’m going to turn into a pumpkin, but he’s an enabler; he brought home the pumpkin beer too! Sheri is my other great enabler. She and I always have one day out where I go pumpkin nuts! When we stopped to get her free birthday scoop at Baskin Robbins, I had a scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream and we finished the day at Starbucks where I had…Pumpkin Spice Latte! Sheri said, “I would say you’ll turn into a pumpkin, but David already6 said that, so I’ll say you’re gonna poop pu8mpkin seeds!” I’ll have my loving family members know my skin has not begun to turn orange and my digestion is fine!

Saturday and Sunday were double the clothing days for me. I wore my Tigers shirt, earrings and necklace during the earlier Tigers game, which they won, and then switched earrings and necklaces to the Reds and changed to my brand new Joey Votto jersey for the Reds game, They won too, so those were the shirts I wore yesterday too, repeated the shirts and repeated the wins! I am one win apiece away from the next step towards my dream World Series! I need to get a Tiger’s turtleneck to wear with my Joey Votto jersey or I need an Austin Jackson jersey! Finances say there’s more of a chance that I’ll get the Tigers turtleneck. My Joey Votto jersey was birthday present 45 & 46 from David. But the jersey got here Friday; just in time for the playoffs! Maybe a sign?

Sheri and I stopped at Mac Queen’s orchard in Toledo Friday afternoon too. I brought home a bunch of apples for apple chips! The first batch is in the dehydrator now. I’ll probably be switching it out or the second set of trays before bed tonight. I have to do several 5-tray batches in order to have a couple decent size bags to send to the girls and still gave a few for here. The apple chips every fall started when they were little because Mom and I found a bag at the store and loved them, but Mom was sure she could make them healthier. Nothing much healthier than a thin-sliced dehydrated crunchy apple! I inherited the dehydrator and the responsibility when Mom passed. We missed one year; the dehydrator took a tumble off the counter when I was packing kitchen things for my move to Toledo. I didn’t get to replace it until after 2007 apple season! I make it up to them by shipping them to them now that their adults!

So now, better late than not at all on a Monday, I’m joining the Monday Quiz about me brought to us by Heather at Acting Balanced and Wayne at Touristic.

1. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you on your birthday?

John and Sheri planned my 40th birthday celebration; including giving me two tickets to see the Braves and Reds in Cincinnati the following weekend. Of course I took David with my other ticket. When we got to our seats, 2 or 3 at a time, friends from Michigan filled in the seats around us, including Kelly and her daughter and son-in-law up from Missouri! Kel couldn’t make it for the party the week before and I was happy beyond words that so many of my family made the road trip to surprise me at the end of my birthday festival.

2. What is the funniest thing that ever happen to you while you were on a 'date'?

I don’t recall something ever happening to me on a date that was funny. I’ve laughed on dates and there have been things that were funny, but nothing notable that I recall as “something funny happening to me.”

3. What is your favorite backhanded compliment?

Maybe at this time of year, “But I know you’re smarter than you vote.”

4. Have you ever had someone guest blog for you? If so, how was the experience?

David did a Mug Shot a few years ago and I have guest blogger sponsors from time to time. I’ve never been stood up at PayPal by a sponsor and David is a professional writer, so his blog gave The Chronicles a touch of polish it doesn’t usually have. Guest bloggers are okay.

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

Do you prefer watching the sunrise or sunset?


Heather Smith said...

I prefer the sunset! I like it when my kids let me sleep through sunrise.

Edna B said...

I love photographing both the sunset and the sunrise. However, the sunrise is by far the more beautiful (to photograph). I also love going to the beach and watching the sun go down. Sighhhhh. Oh, the beauty!!! You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

Martha Pittman-Mullins said...

I don't mind watching either the sunrise or sunset if I am up at either time and not engulfed in some other project. Both remind me of what life offers... beginnings... endings... promises... light and dark. It's all so beautiful. <3

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

sunset! i don't want to wake up early enough to see the sun rise :)