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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Night Quiz About Me

Today was the first day of classes for Acme Feline Obedience School. Carla starts this year, but she hasn’t sign on at all today. Kaline took her classes online and so is Carla, but I never knew that Kaline skipped the first day of school! I read it in their blog, Behind Orange Eyes. Carla talked about Baggle having warned them to not go to school on the first day. I guess it’s just not something humans understand.

I’m trying to get back into a normal week; David is working late, it’s the day after Labor Day, I’m not even sure what day it is!

Okay, it’s Tuesday. I have a pretty cool barn photo that I think I’ll post next Tuesday for Barn Charm Tuesday at Bluff Area Daily. It’s a very cool barn set from our Fourth of July trip. If you like barns, come back next Tuesday!

Now with my schedule the last few weeks, I’ve skipped a few things I usually do. Since the Linky is still up at Acting Balanced, I’m going to answer Heather’s Monday Quiz About Me questions, except it’s a Tuesday Night Quiz About Me.

1. What was the toughest job you ever had?

Well, I could say Digitalegacies, my video business, because it didn’t even last 2 years and I had to close it. I did a LOT of work and really believed in my concept for it, but I was really bitten by the Detroit-area economy; laid off workers change their minds about using disposable income when none of it’s disposable anymore. Closing my business was tougher than any job I've ever had working for someone else.

2. What one characteristic makes a good boss?

TQM – I am SUCH a believer in Total Quality Management; getting employees involved in suggestions and understanding changes that are made really gives them ownership and pride in their work and the quality as a whole benefits. I learned this from my boss at Omnicom. She was awesome and we all had an opportunity to input into the department. Her staff meetings were always empowering.

3. How did you celebrate 'the end of summer'?

Okay, with limited mobility I spend a lot of time in the house. While we had a HOT summer, I spent more days bundled up because I was cold than I did sweating. I enjoyed the really hot days when I was outside; even if the heat was mean to my legs, it was pleasurable to the rest of me. So my tentative “last hurrah” was going our for a day trip with David, but as long as the possibility for hot days still exists, summer’s not over! If I get the opportunity to go out on another 80s or 90s day, I’ll do it. I worry that after the really hot summer, we’ll have a really cold winter and we don’t heat as much as we cool the house. I can bundle up, but I sure like it better when I don’t have to!

4. Do you follow the fashion rules about Labor Day being the end of wearing white etc?

Yeah, kinda, I have white shoes and black shoes, but my white shoes have always been more comfortable. But I don’t like shoes anyway. I did wear white shoes in December when we got married. We both wore dark blue, but I wore white shoes; I was a bride, I deserved to wear white, but I deserved more to be comfortable on the day I got married! :)

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. What is your favorite thing about fall?

For me, and everyone who reads this blog knows, it’s PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON! But really, I love all the harvest flavors of fall. Eat ‘N Park has their farmer’s market soup again this year, oh so good!!


Edna B said...

I think what I like best about the end of summer, is the trees starting to change colors. The autumn leaves are simply gorgeous. I also like the temperatures much better. Warm, but not too hot. I think Spring and Fall, with a few summer and winter days sprinkled in here and there would be just perfect! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Favorite thing about fall -- cool weather! The hot weather is debilitating.

That TQM method sounds great!