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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Want To Get Smashed

I am NOT being compensated for this post in any way. 
I just really want one of these!

I decided Saturday morning that I need to do some Smashing! I picked up and dropped the large envelope with my baseball ticket stubs in it, all of them since 1992. I counted them, 181 ticket stubs showered onto the floor now completely out of the OCD chronological order I had them in. Of course I know how many there were in that envelope because I’ve put them back in chronological order. Oh, I don’t really have OCD, just some obsessive order tendencies. Disorganization makes me crazy, but not certifiable, not yet anyway.

So Smashing, with a capital S is as in Smash Journal. I saw a video for Smash Journals last year and was intrigued. I mean, really they are very old school scrapbooks. Someplace to keep clippings, notes, ephemera; like baseball ticket stubs. Here’s the demo video I saw:

I love this! I wanted to buy one the first time I saw the video, but I wasn’t in the financial position to do it and just sort of let the thought go. But in re-sorting all the ticket stubs I realized that I remember every one of those games. Maybe I don’t remember who won, the score or even a play from the game, although for a lot of them I do, but the ticket makes me remember who was there with me, a detail from the day. The first game I saw in 2000 was in Cincinnati in April. John and I went and it was definitely a hot chocolate game. The ticket stub brought back that memory with a friend that was so close to me. I have little mementos, cartoons, notes and fun clippings in boxes, folders, drawers and I never look at them because they are all over and not organized, A Smash book doesn’t organize per se, but it puts all those things in one place and assembles fairly quick because it’s almost a collage, just fun things in a book. How great to browse without looking all over or forgetting about things that bring back sweet memories and inspire creativity!

Here are some photos from the web of what a Smash Book can look like.  They are very personl and the possibilities are endlessly unique.

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I love the pockets on this; I'll have to have lots of pockets!

You know there will be plenty of coffee in mine too!

 I like this for the pockets and semi-flat trinkets.

Now, while I really do want a real smash book kit with the stick and flags and tapes and all, right now it’s still beyond my budget. But what I do have is all those tidbits I want to save and paper scrapbook supplies I don’t use anymore because I do my scrapping digital now. I had thought I was going to package it all up and sell or donate, but now I think it will at the very least be my “Archive Smash Book.” I’ll need to gather everything, which will work well with my desire to get things organized here and get things in books instead of all over and prone to spill out all over the floor! I’d like to be able to get an actual Smash Book for 2013, but for now, I’m going to gather all of my little things and use up the paper scrap leftovers. I’m kind of excited to have all my special things gathered in one place.


Edna B said...

I was going to ask you what a smash book was, but after reading the whole post, I see that it is a paper scrapbook. Give it a new name and it becomes today's new trend. Amazing! But, I do agree that they hold some charm. Hace fun, hugs, Edna B.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like fun!