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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Pranks Here

Instead of a prank, a little humor

I’m really not a great fan of April Fool’s Day. Harmless jokes or pranks are fun once in a while, but having a day for it really does take the element of surprise out of it and people try too hard on April First. I look at morning radio shows as proof that trying too hard takes the humor out of being funny and too often it results in someone getting hurt. Jokes and surprises work best when they truly aren’t expected and done for fun, not because of some perceived obligation.

I’ve been fighting a chest cold for the better part of a week and yesterday was really the high point for the cold. It started as a buzz in my chest last week and slipped up into my head Saturday. I was good on Sunday for Walk, but I sounded nasal. After the chest congestion started last Wednesday afternoon, I woke up earlier than usual Thursday because the noise of my own breathing kept me up! Thursday night was worse because I used expectorant cough syrup and it loosened up my chest to the point of NOI-SY! Laying down was the noise just echoing in my ears, but sitting up was okay. Yeesh. I quit taking the cough syrup before bed and it fixed that. While yesterday was stuffy and hard breathing, today is a dramatic improvement. I still have to type by hand because Puff doesn’t recognize me!

So, being sick on the holiday wasn’t fun. Only one of our three house teams won yesterday on Opening Day, but that’s just one game, right? I watched the Tigers win in wonderful walk-off fashion but The Reds and Red Sox both lost. What’s worse in Cincinnati we dropped a game to the only Cardinals pitcher we really handle well! Usually I watch baseball until the last ESPN game on the West Coast is done on Opening Day, but yesterday was an up by 10:00 night. It paid off with feeling better this morning, but the scores didn’t change.

It’s bright and sunny today but crazy windy!! Poor little Marco is going nuts. We wonder if his vision isn’t as sharp as, say Carla’s is. Carla watches bunnies at night out the front window. Marco seems to get as riled up for blowing leaves as her does for the chipmunks. In early spring the remaining leaves from fall come back and windy days like this blow them around. Marco seems to think it must be an invasion.

Well, there’s today’s update. My chilly fumble-hands are done typing for now. Maybe tomorrow Puff will understand me again.

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David said...

I'm not so sure Marco's eyesight is worse than Carla's. Today he was stalking a fly on the window ledge. Not a chipmunk, a FLY.