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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny Is Good

Nani and David from the Gilenya Photo Booth

Walk MS was a great morning! It was cold, but brilliantly sunny, still it was definitely bundle weather. I checked in and got my Walk MS t-shirt, which “walkers” get if they have over $125 in donations. Let me tell you about the donations.

I was on Team T&K Family and Friends. T&K are Tricia and Kerri; the daughters of Mark and Karen, our team leaders. Both Tricia and Kerri have MS. It was my first time doing Walk and I was entering 3 weeks before the walk really with no idea what I needed to do. I’d met Mark and several members of the team at the Open House in February and I figured a team would help me get situated. They welcomed the rookie in.

The donating at my page just blows me away. Every person who donated any amount created a huge total in such a short time that it made me look like a fundraising dynamo! But I did make it clear that I wasn’t a pushy fundraiser, all of you who gave are bighearted givers and I’m honored to be in this cyberspace neighborhood!

So, thanks to my generous donors, I’m over my goal. The Walk was Sunday but the fundraising finish is June 30. I’m not changing the goal amount, but it would be cool if I could double goal. Hmm…If you’d consider donating $5 or whatever amount you’d like or if you’d forward the link to my page to someone who’d be interested in making a gift to the National MS Society I’d be relly grateful. The Walk is over for this year, but our work is not!

After Walk MS, David and I took the paratransit home and because it was early and sunny, he went in search of trains. I spent some time in the driveway getting the last photo for my layout for the “Celebrate The Little Things” challenge for March at Gotta Pixel. It had warmed up a bit, the sun was shining right on the flower bed and that first little bud I’d been watching for the past 2 weeks….

There are just pretty yellow flowers all over! David is going to help me get the dead leaves and wild rose twigs out this week on a gray day, ideally Tuesday when there’s less of a chance of rain and it’ll be a little warmer than the end of the week. Then they’ll look great! I have a couple of the variegated purple and white ones budding and the narcissus sprouts are up all over too.

Here is the challenge I did for Gotta Pixel:

Credits: Better Days Ahead by Aprilisa Designs


When Kelly and I planted the spring perennial bulbs in the fall of 2010 I had to have lots of crocuses. There had been a few in the flower beds on the side of the house, but just a few. I wanted lots of them!

When the winter begins to fade the crocuses spring up first. They burst through the last of the snow and if it snows on them again they keep growing. When the world is just starting to renew crocuses bloom brining color to the dull browns just waking up from the winter’s sleep and encourage the daffodils to follow.

I am a crocus. Aside from being the first one to say “lets kick winter out the door,” I have my own set of challenges; my own snow. I bust through that snow and when there’s a setback, more snow, I keep on blooming. When things seem the darkest, the most colorless, I pick myself up and keep a determined smile blooming on my face.

Now I’ll finish watching the Opening Day Eve party on ESPN and get ready to dream of parades and hot-dogs and all the holiday festivities tomorrow


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Edna B said...

Good morning Miss Crocus!! I just love your yellow crocus. Guess who's going to be planting some yellow crocus bulbs for next year?

Congratulations for doing the MS walk. Great photos!! I'm so very proud of you Nani Girl. You are an inspiration to all of us.

I'm watching the morning news and they are saying that the "instant replay" is now being used in baseball. Hmmm. I hope this is a good thing. What do you think?

Well now it's time for me to get busy on my own blog. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.