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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cool Change

Good freaky-cold morning! Okay, it was freaky-cold, -2, for a wake up temperature when I started writing this. It might be late afternoon when you’re reading. That’s okay since I started with telling you it’s morning. (smile)

A note about Global Climate Change. In my opinion it’s not all our fault. I think we have managed to speed the process up, a lot, but the changing climate is normal. Just as you and I change as we age, so does the earth. Of course we last somewhere within a century, if we’re lucky, and the earth has aged over a few billion years, so the planet's changes are slower.

We, that is the inhabitants of earth, have been through a global climate change before. There was a time, about 20,000 years ago, when the room I’m sitting in was in the end portion of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. I’m combining what I remember from science classes with what I confirm with internet pages and Ice Age maps. I think it’s all pretty fascinating stuff. The ice sheet retreated and now ends somewhere near Greenland, much farther north. Why did the ice sheet retreat? There weren’t greenhouse gasses 20,000 years ago. So I think the Climate Change is a natural occurrence, pushed on a little faster by the earth’s greatest parasite; man.

What made the glaciers begin to retreat? Lots of evidence and theories about that. It wasn’t aerosol deodorant. It was natural. If it’s moving in that direction again, or perhaps still, and it’s moving faster, man may have something to with the faster part. I think it’s a sensible idea to take care of our earth. If we can slow Global Climate change even half as much as we’ve sped it up, it’ll help. And no matter what your belief system, it’s the most wonderfully unselfish gift you can pay forward to people you’ll never know; a place to call “home” for more generations.

Retreat Chronology of the Laurentide Ice Sheet

Ice Age maps
Time-Lapse maps of the ice sheet retreat (Video)


seamhead gypsy said...

I liked it better when we had global warming. It wasn't so cold then. It was -4 this morning when Katie got on the bus for school. And my furnace ran so much that it decided to take a 90 minute break today. The inside temps then went from 68 to 62. Fortunately that service contract I have worked out well. Once the furnace was repaired and running again it took 4 1/2 hours to bring the temps back up to 68.

Stay warm Nani!

Edna B said...

It's cold here too, and I do not like it one bit. It gets into my old bones and then I can't shake it.

I understand that scientifically things happen without our help, however I agree that man has sped things up a bit. I wonder if we will ever get the whole world on the same page for saving our planet.

That's ore than my brain can handle today, so I think I'll turn on my electric blanket and be toasty for a while. You have a wonderful day, Nani. Hugs, Edna B.