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Friday, January 10, 2014

AHHH!!! Fresh Air!

I really don’t want to talk about weather anymore although in addition to the 22 inches we’ve already gotten since the first of the year, I got to watch more fall overnight, yay. It’s supposed to get above freezing and rain over the weekend. I say more sincere “yay” for the above freezing but I’m not so looking forward to the rain, be in it and the possible hazards it could cause. Sigh, 2014 weather-wise is not so stellar so far.

Before I going further I have to show you this:

It’s my first wallpaper of 2014. David sent it to me on Facebook and it had to be with me always. Well, at least for most of January. I didn’t’ create it but it sure inspires me; It’s just so me!

2014 has been feast or famine as far as the weather goes and kinda feast or famine as far as my goals and projects go. Folks, I hadn’t been out of the house yet this year before my doctor’s appointment this morning. With the snow, freezing temperatures, level 3 snow emergencies and all of the subsequent cancellations, not just by me but by people and businesses I was going to as well, I just really haven’t had any reason to go out. When there’s been snow or the temperature below zero I really had no desire to make up a reason to go out either. So I haven’t been out to stock up the cupboards with fresh produce and other important healthy grocery items and although I’ve been kinda careful about portions and balance I haven’t been very true my diet plans. What I did have is dwindling fast and my grocery list is growing.

But, being shut in and made it a little easier to blog more, scrap more and read more. Of course reading Delusional Traits had me a little attached to my Nook so for the first few days I was a little slow with the page-a-day scrapbooking but I’m ahead now. We’ll see how well I stay true to that once I actually get out of the house. (Chuckle) I’ve also been doing phone calling and setting up some appointments to tackle some of my other goals, or anyway to see how affordable they are.

Here are a couple of my first 2014 pages:

Credits: Life Captured: November by Pixelily Deigns,
“Freebie Template 5” downloaded with no TOU, preview or credits. 

Credits: Life Captured: November by Pixelily Designs, Challenge template by Lindsay Jane

It’s supposed to be above freezing with some rain and snow/rain mix this weekend. I don’t like the bouncy weather patterns, but I have rescheduled lunch plans this weekend and I can do above freezing and rain much better than snow and ice and this below zero stuff has to go!

The dark spot in my world right now are phone calls from a fake “prophet” who wants to
prey onpray for me, for a price of course. If anyone reading this or someone they know is getting inundated with calls from Prophet Manasseh Jordan Ministries pleases email me and I’ll pass on the email for someone who is gathering information for a class action suit. I’m aware of others with diseases, like my MS, or who have had a house foreclosed ort filed for bankruptcy that “god” has asked the “prophet” to contact with a prerecorded message so they can send money so they pray for them. Disease and money legalities are either public record or not to difficult to get lists. Is the fake prophet’s prophecy to hack databases to exploit the most vulnerable? What kind of diseased mind feeds off people when they are at their most desperate points? Please, if you or someone you know is being harassed by this sicko; send them my way so I can give them information to be part of the class-action suit. Creating a fake “religion” to take advantage of the sick and poor is where my religious tolerance draws the line.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about those phone calls :(
Love the wallpaper! Your pages look wonderful. I did some bad eating over the holidays but I am back on track now. Stay warm and safe.....

Edna B said...

Yes Nani, there are some real sickies out there! I think what you are doing to help others to not get taken in by these sickos is a wonderful thing.

As for all the freezing weather, I'm with you, although you've had it much colder that we have. It all makes me wonder what type of Spring and Summer we will have this year.

I'm getting ready to crawl back into my lounge chair and curl up with my flannel blanket. So, Nani, you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.