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Friday, October 18, 2013

Marco Sez

You know you a you know

You humor?

Okay, I guess I’ll do it with my paws.

Behind Stripes and Spots

Mommy says it’s a good thing to post a picture of 
something nice to look at when I blog. 
So here is me with steak. Steak is nice to look at.

Hi, it's me, Marco! Mommy said I could write something on the blog. The Crockickles of Mommy is our family blog. Well it’s Mommy’s blog but I can write on it.

Okay, Mommy is looking over my shoulder and correcting me. How am I poseta tell what I’m thinking when she’s watching me? Jeez! Anyway, this is the first time I’m trying to type something so I’m learning. At first I tried to talk to Puff. He doesn’t understand kitten talk. That’s why I have to type with my paws.

I was born June 1 and I’m 4 ½ months old. When I was born I had a Mommy, brothers and sisters that were little like me and mommy’s human family who took care of all of us. When mommy said we were too old for her kitten milk I got a human family of my own. I still kind of miss my brothers and sisters. I have two sisters that are a lot older than me and they don’t like to play as much as me. Carla plays chase a little and spars a little but then she growls that knocks me down. Kaline just scares me and sometimes makes me run for one of my lives. But I’ll with them both over. I just have to never give up. One of these times when I jump on them they’ll play.

I’ll write sommor later but right now there is a shiny ball next to Kaline. Maybe today is the day she’ll play!

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Edna B said...

Oh Marco, you're such a cutie!! I hope you get lucky and Kaline decides to play ball with you. I have a ball too, but I don't know how to play with it. I never had toys before, and now I have lots of them. One of these days, I want to learn how to play with them. I used to always live in a cage, and now my new mommy lets me go anywhere I want to in the whole house. No more cages! Every day is a new adventure.

I'm tired now and in need of a nice nap. I'll chat with you again soon, woofs and licks, Pogo B.