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Monday, October 14, 2013

Coming Soon: One Big Happy Blog

Happy Columbus Day, to all those who celebrate it. Which means if you work in a bank, the post office or for the government happy day off. ;-)

So everybody say hello to Puff! No, scratch that. If we all say hello to Puff he’ll type “you will will will you you will.” That’s what Puff types if the microphone is on, David’s home and there’s a ballgame on TV. Too much input makes Puff stutter incoherently. Just know that Puff is here, but don’t talk to him.

The first couple games of the ALCS have been exciting. I think the series being tied 1-1 is a good representation of how the teams match up. Of course I’ll tell you the Tigers are just a little better but David (and Edna & Seamhead Gypsy) will tell you I have no clue what I’m talking about. That's pots calling sweet little truth-speaking kettle black. I’m just looking forward to one more live game before the season is over! SQUEE!!! I’m also in search of Detroit Tigers earmuffs.

I’d kinda like to see a replay of 2006 but this time we win. But if the Red Sox take the series they’ll have my loyalty in the World Series. My Cardinals fan friends know this will happen. They’re even okay with it.

Diversification & Consolidation

I’ve been giving some thought to the blogs I keep up, or haven’t been keeping up. The Chronicles of Nani has two sub-blogs, three if you count Behind Orange Eyes. There is one blog specifically for recipes (Simply Davlicious Recipes) and one that specifically documents my life with MS (It’s About What I CAN Do) and both of those blogs are badly in need of updates. Behind Orange Eyes has been idle for a while too. I think it’s a good time to do some consolidation. I’m going to post my occasional MS entries here with the label Want_I_CAN_Do and link to this blog from the MS blog. I plan to slowly import the recipes back here using the label Davlicious_Recipes that already exists. I’ll be making some other minor changes in the bulletin board at the top of the blog and maybe design a new header by the end of the year. (Don’t hold me to that new header idea; this or something better, remember?)

I’ll be talking to the cats about doing guest posts on The Chronicles rather than us fighting over the computer. That also means Marco will get to do an entry every now and then; Kaline and Carla won’t let him have the password to join the writing team.

Last but not least for now a FREEBIE! While going through my blogger’s block I still created a few freebie things, I just didn’t package or post them. I did this layout in July for the trip we took with Rina in 2008 to Altoona, PA, for Railfest.

Credits: On The Right Track by Keystone Scraps

The free Digitalegacies Designs template is in psd and tif files and offers 16 spaces for photos, paper or elements.

Click preview to go to download

That’s it for now, enjoy the rest of your Monday. GO TIGERS!
(Red Sox fans you know I love you…next week.)


seamhead gypsy said...

Yes, Nani the ALCS has been exciting, excitingly frustrating! Last night it got to the point where I was downright discouraged and borderline depressed. In the 4th inning I had had enough of Tim McCarver. I didn't quit watching the the game though. I turned the tv sound off and listened to the Red Sox feed via the iPad. And I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep. Geez, down two games and having to face Verlander in Detroit? That was a nightmare waiting to happen. By the time the clock moved into Monday I had apparently woke my wife up. God love her though, she's a great sport and came out to see the replays that I kept watching over and over just to see if the result was true! It was. And I think I professed my love for David Ortiz in a delirious text to my 30 year old son. I'm quite certain he'll save that text and hold it over me and spring it on me at some point in time in the future. As the clock struck 2 am I was still wide awake surfing the web for whatever interview or highlight that I'd seen only 11 or 14 times already.
The Tigers pitching may continue to dominate and they may win the series, but for one short moment, the Red Sox offered up a season worth of excitement in two innings.
As my alarm rang out at 6 am I realized that I still hadn't slept well. But for an entirely different reason. And as I "zombied" my way through the day I was glad that I am a Red Sox fan. I will always be a Red Sox fan.

Edna B said...

Through thick or thin, win or lose, I'm always a Red Sox fan. I think that consolidating your different blogs into one place might make it much easier for you. I don't know how you do it. I only have one blog and that's about all I can handle.

I like your new template. Thank you, I'll see if I can't do a layout with it.

Now I'm off to have some lunch. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.