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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Go Tigers! Go Red Sox! Go Cardinals?

I love this time of year! It’s pumpkin spice season, time to start getting goodie bag fillers for the ghosts and goblins at the end of the month and it’s baseball postseason! Yesterday was a good day as the Red Sox and Tigers both won! Let’s see them continue doing that. Those nasty Devil Rays, and they will always be the Devil Rays, threw a wrench in our postseason plans. Our big splurge this year with not one but two playoff games! We had tickets for the Indians home game on Monday against the Red Sox. Stupid Devil Rays. Now the other tickets, our now only game, will be for the ALCS; game two in Detroit. The plan, and I don’t want this plan messed up, listen this time Devil Rays, is to enjoy a repeat of our first date. It has to be no less than Boston at Detroit.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that while watching the Pirates and Cardinals I found myself cheering for the Cardinals. Arch sports enemy of my Reds or not. the truth is that I have a lot of friends and good acquaintances that are Cardinals fans. I’ve also seen games a couple of times in both St. Louis and Pittsburgh. The St. Louis fans are just nicer and better sports. When it comes right down to it, arch rivals or not, I’m going to cheer with the people I enjoy more if I don’t have a vested interest. (shrugs)

This morning we were up bright and early, well early for a Saturday, to take Kaline back to the vet. After almost a week of torturing all three of us trying to get her medicine in her, mostly unsuccessfully, I called the vet desperately asking for suggestions. They said for a little more, and not a ton more, they can give her an injection instead of the liquid medicine. After she got her shot we asked if they can put a note on her records that when there’s an option for an injection when she need medication we always want that!

Sheri and I went out to celebrate our birthdays after the fact yesterday. I treated her to lunch at Cracker Barrel and she treated me to an ice cream and coffee at Starbucks. I brought a pumpkin spice scone home from Starbucks. Oh my; HEAVEN! It was a pretty awesome girls day. It’s always a pretty awesome girls day when Sheri and I get together.

Last thing I wanted to share before I call it a blog for the day is Noto! This is not me promoting for a sponsor. This is me raving about a product I finally found, bought and love.

The first Nani-thing you’ll notice is polkadots! Actually the polkadots are one of many different covers you can put on this wonderful planner on your desktop. I just, of course, chose the polkadots.

Noto is my weekly planner! I’ve mentioned a time or two that I have been looking for software that looks, is organized and functions like an old-school planner. I “test drove” this one for a couple of weeks and fell in love! It’s got a weekly view just like the Franklin-Covey planner I loved so much but it weighs a lot less and takes less space, which is important to me now. It has monthly views and daily views if I need more details or a large overview. It’s also got icons and stickers and highlighters and my inner child loves it too!

The inner child notwithstanding, it’s practical and it keeps me organized. I just love it!

I take my leave of you now to start my baseball afternoon and evening. Go Red Sox! Go Tigers!

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Edna B said...

Nani, I love your new planner, and that polka dot cover is fabulous!!
I used to buy a planner similar to this except that it was larger for my hubby, and now I think I might look for one for me to keep on my desk. Enjoy your baseball, and I hope your day is fabulous. Go Red Sox!!
Hugs, Edna B.