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Friday, August 9, 2013


Letting it get empty pretty much added the fruit basket 
to Marco's domain now. Thankfully that wasn’t the good basket!


That was Marco saying “Hello!” I didn’t include the five lines of empty text he thinks is necessary after his picture… to give the opportunity to bask in his cuteness?

David and I have no ego issues in our relationship because the cats don’t leave any ego left in the house for us!

The cats all roam the house by day, but Marco stays in his room at night and when no one is home. That’s so he gets some kitten food. During the day the girls go in and steal his kitten food. It’s okay because he concentrates on the”big-cat food” during the day. Kaline’s yellow eyes are glowing green! She put on a facade of tolerating Marco but she hunts him from time to time. Her claws aren’t out when she does it, but she’ll walk out and bonk him on the head. Carla does it sometimes too, still with claws in, but Kaline smacks him around a couple times a day. It’s about establishing the pecking order in the house, but I worry that the plan is to keep him in line by giving him brain damage!

Where Kaline’s eyes are glowing green is in the attention a kitten takes all the time that grown cats only demand on a limited basis. As the kitten is learning his new living arrangement, Daddy and Mommy are the ones that are nice to him so he feels more secure around us. That means he sleeps near me during the day. Kaline considers me her property first and she doesn’t like the kitten moving in on her turf. She’s taken to marking her territory. Part of that is rubbing all over us, but part of that has become peeing on some things, like my computer bag which is fairly water proof and I saw her do it so it cleaned up well, but it also included my big plush house robe that I use to warm up in the air conditioning. I was not at all pleased when I discovered the “Kaline perfume” when I put it on a couple mornings ago! The thick robe needs to almost have its own laundry load. ::sigh:: Monday is vet day for all three of them and we’ll ask for some ideas or if it’s just normal and will calm down in a few weeks.

Now let’s see what statements Hilary at Feeling Beachie as for us to fill-in this week!

This Week’s Statements
1) I always _____ texts
2) A love to fall asleep when ____
3) My dream pet would be a ________ named ________.
4) I love _______ more than chocolate. (Or ice cream!!)

My Answers:

1) I always _____ texts
There is nothing I “always” do with my phone aside from turn it off when I go to a movie theater. My hone is first and foremost an alarm clock. I hate texting but I’ better about that than answering the phone because that’s worse to me than texting. I’d rather email, chat online or have coffee face to face! No one ever really calls me anyway. (Probably because of my attitude about the phone!)

2) A love to fall asleep when I’m in David’s car! David’s passenger set is the most comfortable place I sleep, better than sleeping in bed at home.

3) My dream pet would be an orange tabby cat named after Al Kaline. I’m living the dream on that one!

4) I love nothing more than chocolate or ice cream!! I mean come on, ice cream is the greatest food in the world and chocolate is not even a food group; it’s an essential vitamin! Can I live without chocolate or ice cream? Sure, but why would I want to??


retired not tired said...

So glad you consider chocolate a vitamin. I can take one a day!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Having pets like a cat or dog definitely makes a happy home. I text a few times a day. Always, always off at the movies. I get really mad when I see someone check their phone! I am always awake, too afraid he will fall asleep. I love cheesecake more than chocolate. Have a nice weekend.

Hilary said...

love that you are living the pet dream!

Edna B said...

Amen to the chocolate and ice cream. As for the phone, much as I would love to learn how to use it, I have all I can do just to answer and make phone calls on it. If you text me, I may never know.

I don't know what to tell you about the cats behavior to the little one. When we last had a cat, he just would not get along with the dogs. We finally had to give him to a no kill shelter. He really needed a home where there were no other animals.

Now I'm going to play with Pogo. You have a wonderful day Nani. Hugs, Edna B.