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Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Spring Fifth

Happy fifth of spring! There’s our wonderful spring view. Bleh.

My flowers are awful again this year. Last year it was too warm and this year too snowy too late. The flowers that were already there will recover if we get to a regular weather pattern again, but I fear this will kill out the newer flowers that were so beautiful the first year, 2011, but haven’t had the right conditions to thrive since. They are too young to handle it. Think if I plant any more flowers, they’ll be summer blooms so they have a chance with Mother Nature’s inability to stick with a plan. (grumble)

On a happier note, let’s join Heather and Wayne for the Monday Quiz about Me!

1. What is your favorite spring flower?

Crocus, especially my purple stripey ones that looked so good in 2011.

2. Do you suffer from Spring Allergies?

Yes, but no where near as bad as many do. If it’s a bad year, I’ll have a few badly congested days with Benadryl and herbal teas remedies, but usually it’s a mild few days.

3. Have you ever been 'blogged out' and needed to take a blogging break?

Ugh, I’ve kinda been there lately.

4. Has spring sprung where you are or are you still hibernating?

See wonderful snow picture above.

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. Do you use a laptop or desktop for your personal computing?

Today I’m actually using the keyboard on my laptop. I usually use an external keyboard and my laptop. The keyboard on this one actually is much better than my old one. My Mac is a desktop. It has the latest OS the processor can use and it’s still too old to support a decent browser anymore. If I update the Mac, it will probably be a laptop, but Windows is financially easier to keep updated!


April said...

Brrr...guess I shouldn't complain about our weather, huh? Stay warm and hope you thaw out SOON!

blueyes said...

Right now I'm using my laptop because my desktop has died for the umpteenth time and I haven't had the money to buy the parts to build another one because there is no point in fixing this one since it is so old.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I use my desktop, but lately I've been using only my laptop. The couch is more comfortable than the computer chair :)

Havfaith Sunshine said...

We need our desk top fix at the moment. But I always use my laptop. I like the laptop more than the desk top

retired not tired said...

My husband and I actually share one laptop computer. The desktop died and we have not replaced it.

Debbie said...

snow here at the jersey shore also!!

i have many different purple crocus but daffodils are my favorite spring flower!!

your scrapbook page is beautiful!!

Hilary said...

I think I need a blogging break, but also think I couldn't do it

Edna B said...

I think I love the daffodils and tulips the best for Spring. Their colors are so cheerful.

Nani, I'm sorry the cold and snow just don't want to leave your area. I really did try to think some warmer temps your way. We are finally getting a few nice days. So maybe it will be heading your way soon.

Once in a while, I take a day off from blogging, although not too often. I try to keep it current because I am leaving my blog books behind me for my family.

I have a beautiful desk top with a nice big monitor, but I mostly use my laptop. Guess I'm just too lazy to go into the other room to use the desktop. lol.

Nani, you have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.