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Sunday, November 18, 2012

It’s For Real This Time (I Hope)

And Now, The REAL Joey

So, I made a big deal about my old computer dying and a new computer, la-lala… I’d done a few scrapbook pages and posted a blog and well, this past Monday afternoon, BAM; no Internet. It did a self-assessment and told me there was an internal networking problem. It did it once an hour and then three times in an hour. Back to the Geeks.

The key to fixing the problem, on my brand new computer that I’d had for four days and just finished personalizing and moving my software and files into, was that they had to make it repeat the seemingly chronic but intermittent problem. While I was right there and the Geek was playing with it, it worked just fine.

“Are you sure it’s not a problem with your router or modem at home?”

Let’s see, there are two other computers in the house; a Mac and a PC, a desktop and a laptop and the laptop is also new and running Windows 8 like mine, yet mine is the only one that says it has an internal network connection problem. I’m pretty sure it’s not my router or modem. But for a charge they’ll send someone to our house to check out the modem. Um, no, I’m quite sure there is nothing wrong with the modem, my new computer is the only one that says it has an internal network problem.

When I called after an email saying they couldn’t replicate the problem I had a choice. I could take it home and bring it back if the problem returned or I could exchange it for another new computer because it’s within the 30 days to return it. I had the computer for four days, but given the time after sale for it to arrive and the downtime back at the store being looked at, my 30 days was half over. Who’s to say the problem won’t resurface on day 31? So instead of the old-new computer with all my stuff on it, I brought home a new-new computer to reinstall everything on.

The good news is that in loading the stuff I already had on it, I got to really know Windows 8 so getting back to the point where I was took a day instead of four! Actually, it was less than a day.

Saturday after I installed my browsers, I checked my email. I got my partner for this year’s Secret Santa Soiree! I enjoyed getting to know Linda of Linda’s Bee Hive last year and picking out gifts especially for her that I knew I was going to do it again this year! My partner this year is so very different than me, yet a kindred soul in many ways too. I spent a few hours Saturday reading her blog and by Saturday night I had some gift ideas. Suzanne at The Coloradolady is hosting the Soiree again this year. Coordinating people who may or may not know each other well, matching up partners and keeping track of when gifts are sent and fielding any questions is a cumbersome job and the generosity of her time and efforts is a wonderful gift to all of us participating. Thank you Suzanne, for being the embodiment of the community part of the Holiday Spirit!

Okay, that’s my check-in for now. I’ll be blogging everything my brain has been screaming to blog about since November began this week. Well, the good stuff anyway.

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