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Friday, September 30, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Welcome to a playoff rain delay. It’s not raining in Detroit right now. See? We needed to start at home. Stupid Angels.

I’ve been trying to talk David into a pizza, not much luck. So, I think I might make one of the fat free pizzas in the freezer. YUM!

Tomorrow is our official unofficial Photo Walk day. It’s going to be Sheri and me, a small, unofficial Photo Walk. It’s still going to be cool! Sheri suggested, rather sheepishly, considering renting a scooter or power chair for the day. She was afraid it would offend me.

That’s one of the toughest things about my disability, the things other people aren’t comfortable with. Kudos big time to Sheri for her suggestion. Honestly, all the “walking” for Photo Walk would have fatigued my arms to the point of pain pretty quickly. The sore arms would have wreck the photos, the reason we're going tomorrow! I just hadn’t even thought about renting a scooter for the day. It’s a great idea!

There are a lot of tools that can make day to day and even special day things much easier for not only me, but for the people I’m with. As the disabled person, it’s my responsibility to be sure my family knows what helps and know they can make suggestions. Even if it’s a suggestion that doesn’t work for me, I appreciate it because even suggestions I can’t use are made by someone who cares about me and wants to help. If I get cranky and say "no" all the time, sooner or later no one will want to be with me because I make them feel helpless. If there is another disabled person reading this, yes I’m saying that it’s our responsibility to show some decency and compassion to those that want to help.

Communication is key in every aspect of our relationships with other people. Harmonious relationships are key to being happy. I choose happy. That means I take a moment to realize that the pushiest or craziest suggestions are made with love. I have to realize that when someone else asks the same question or makes the same suggestion I can’t use as ten other people have, don’t get frustrated. It only means that now there are ELEVEN people that care enough to ask.

I have a responsibility to the people that want to help to let them know what I can do and what I might need help with. Like this weekend, I sent out the invitations to anyone that wanted to do the Photo Walk in Frankenmuth. I plan things and invite people. That’s what I do, always have. If I’m still planning and inviting, people will know that there’s a good chance I’ll say “yes” if they invite me. I don’t lose out on things and my family of friends doesn’t lose me!

So Sheri and I had the schedules that matched up. Sheri knows what my limitations are and made an awesome suggestion that will make our day even better for both of us.

Okay and now, the game has been postponed until tomorrow. It will pick up right where it left off. I think that sucks because the top of the second inning shouldn’t have been played and now, the wet Tigers get stuck with the top of the second innings while the dry Yankees will finish the inning. I think if a game is called for weather, it should start after the last complete inning.

Now, I’m going to go think about that pizza!


Edna B said...

Nani, an electric scooter is a fabulous idea. When I went to Animal Kingdom a couple of years ago, I rented an electric scooter. Otherwise, I would not have been able to last more than an hour or two. As it turned out, we were there from when it opened until around 5 pm. Fantastic!!!

My little unofficial group consisted of Tootsie and me and my camera. We had a wonderful day. I hope your day turns out just as grand. Have lots of fun, hugs, Edna B.

Sheri said...

Glad things worked out all the way around for us. Can't wait to see your pictures.