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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doesn’t It just Figger?

One thing that is all good and sun this morning is Carla! It’s Carla’s third birthday today! I feel a little guilty because I didn’t blog on Kaline’s birthday, but I did do a tweet with a photo for her. I don’t have kitten photos of Carla because she was adopted as an adult Cat. Truth is you wouldn’t know she is an adult when she plays, and she plays A LOT!

So, tonight will be “birthday cake” with Carla’s share in the birthday bowl. It will be a great evening in kittydom!

Let’s talk about the weather for a minute!

Rain. That’s SO the story today! Lee is coming in on the heels of the mess that Irene left in the east. There are places I was just last week that are under water now! We opted to not go to Hershey’s Chocolate World on the way home and they are closed today as there is flooding all over Central Pennsylvania, including “The Sweetest Place on Earth.” We’ve had Lee-enhanced rain here too. It’s been raining since yesterday but nothing like they’re experiencing in Pennsylvania, New York and all over New England and the East Coast.

So many places we just were are flooded or with rivers about to go over their flood walls! The Weather Channel is showing evacuation in Binghamton where the river is at the top of the flood wall. David said this morning that if it goes over, “they’ll be screwed!” He is so right, when it goes over, and they are predicting it will go over in about 2 hours, the water will just rush into downtown. Right now it’s expected to crest over a half foot above that wall.

Send a good thought or prayer for the people and home/business owners in those areas. They are going to have a lot of rebuilding to try to do before it gets really cold! If you are in that area, heed the evacuation orders or recommendations to stay home. If you aren’t in that area, STAY AWAY! Better to let the professionals reporting about these things show the flooding on TV rather than become a statistic for them to report!

I hate Murphy and his laws!

I entered the layout contest at The Studio for the Birthday Bash this year again. The first week was while I was on vacation and I did get a layout done. The first kit was an all-pale colors kit. Not really my scrapping style and not a kit I would have bought, but a pretty kit and I think the layout turned out pretty nice.

Credits: Early Morning Light by Piggy Scraps

Unfortunately, there was only one other person who agreed that it was a nice layout and I didn’t make it to round two. Here’s where the hating Murphy come in. The kit for round two is fabulous and I’d love to work with it! I have a ton of photos to choose from that it would match!

Well, best of luck to everyone who did make it to round 2 and enjoy that wonderful kit!!

Everyone be safe and happy today!

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Edna B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLA. And a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALINE. Tootsie sends happy licks to both of you.

I've been watching the depressing weather channel too. Where is all this horrid weather coming from? We are soggy, but we are lucky - no flooding yet.

I'm so sorry to hear that you did not make to round 2. I used to try out too, but I never got past the second round. Oh well.

By the way, I love the Petfinder ad you have. Would you believe? That's how I found Tootsie 8 wonderful years ago. Wow, did I say "8"? Where did the time go?

Thank you for the name of the book. I already went to Amazon and ordered it. Now I'm off to make some supper for Tootsie and me. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.