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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wake Up – It’s a SIGN!

In 2004, Solid Rock Church near Cincinnati, Ohio, erected a huge statue of Jesus Christ in the large pool in from of their church. The statue was the image of Christ waist deep in the pool with his arms reaching towards the sky. Last night lightning struck that statue and it burned to the ground.

Personally, I’ve always found the huge sculpted image that you can’t miss seeing from its highly visible position facing the I-75 a little, well a little creepy. I don’t recall any Bible stories that include Jesus sinking and arms stretched to Heaven. I remember he was baptized. I remember him asking “the cup” not to be his and the “why have you forsaken me?” from the cross. But I don’t recall ever reading anything about Jesus in standing water up to his waist looking up like he needed saved. I always though he DID the saving.

David and I talked a little about whether or not they’d rebuild the statue. He says he thinks they will. I think they shouldn’t!

Think about it. Your church’s giant “hey look at me” statue gets struck by lightning, by LIGHTNING! I think if I was a member of that church, the first thing I’d want to do is really look at what’s going on in my church. Is there corruption of some sort at the top that the statue was struck down? Even if it’s just an aesthetic opinion, He took time away from holy wars in the Middle East to flick the statue off His church grounds!

Yes, that’s a little tongue in cheek, but only a little. Lightning striking things is and has long been, significant in religions. I do know that the giant image of Jesus is a source of many jokes in the area. Like the bible thumpers who push themselves on people in coffee shops, I can’t help but wonder if it did more harm than good for their cause.

Like I said, I thought the drowning Jesus was creepy before, but the church is even creepier now that it’s been struck down!

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knittinjen said...

I'm with ya, that's just vulgar. OBVIOUSLY God is trying to tell them SOMETHING!