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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Journal Camp Week 5

Week 5 – scrapping when you don’t have a photo (putting it all together)

Last week's winner at the end
Now it’s time for the scary finale!

Oh come on, it’s not THAT scary anymore, is it? Since the beginning of May, I’ve put out a pretty long post about journaling every week. We started small and got a little bigger each week This week, we’re going to talk about journaling when you have no photos at all, but there is still a big reason you want a moment or a feeling, good or bad, documented as part of your history. That’s when your layout depends completely on your journaling to make it more than, “oooh, pretty.” I’m not saying it shouldn’t be pretty! You want to take extra care to scrap those moments with the papers and elements that tell the reader what kind of journaling they’re reading.

The Madness

Some examples of times you’d want to do a journal-dependent layout include kids. You know and I do too, that every moment is special and has worth-documenting potential with kids. But you don’t have the camera handy or an opportunity to get a photo when you’re driving and conversation in the car is priceless, right? It’s times like that, the ones that are special beyond words, that you want to find the words to remind you of the feeling!

What about an engagement? Sometimes, someone knows and snaps a photo the first time the bride-to-be sees that ring, but more often that moment is captured in the pictures in your mind too. News on the phone can be scrapped with a photo of the phone, but the story is completely journal-dependent. There is the option of just scrapping the moment, with stock images and a simple title, but you have to journal it to tell the story.

Take a moment and think about something that happened that you don’t have photos for five years ago, just five. Did you scrap it? Did you document it? Do you really remember the details and the feeling? Even a short journal page can bring you back to the moment and the emotions that went with it.

There are no photos of the spontaneous “picnic in the upstairs living room” I did with Tori and Rina when they were little. I woke up thinking we were going to the park, like we often did, but the rain made us come up with a back-up plan. It was a fun day and a great lesson learned about not letting a change of plans get you down. It really does deserve a place in my scrapbooks or a keepsake book that the girls can enjoy. I had to remember the pictures in my mind from that day and caption them before any more of the memory goes away!

Here is Rainy Day Picnic:

Credits: At The Park by Nibbles Skribbles
Background paper by Nibbles Skribbles from Cock-A-Doodle Moo
Journaling style – Storyboard

The Method to The Madness

Doing a full journal layout is really just wrapping up all of the tips we’ve talked about into a bundle of journal blocks. My final project page will go in my 2009 scrapbook, right after the page from dinner with my husband to celebrate our first anniversary of our marriage. I used the Letter to a Friend style in the form of a letter to him. I used the tools we’ve worked with the past four weeks in creating that letter.

Thinking back to week one, I used a couple of helper journals. My grandparents eloped in 1944. Grandma told me about that when I asked her why I’d never seen her wedding pictures. She said about eloping, “If it’s good enough love, you don’t NEED a wedding.”

I always told my Grandma that I didn’t need to get married and I’d get married if I ever found a man that would love me as much as Papa loved her. She told me I’d never get married because they don’t make men like that anymore. I had told her that I had found a man that could love me enough and she seemed to have a sense of pride about it when we eloped too. It seems so fitting to remember that quote when I think about my marriage.

I also made a couple of lists.

Why eloping was the right thing for us
• Private
• no stress
• sneaky
• we got to surprise people

How you make me feel
• Loved
• Beautiful
• Safe
• Strong

Revisiting weeks 2 and 3., I wrote a caption for the three photos from the day we were married, although I’d already scrapped those photos in 2008 so I didn’t use the photos again. Then I added captions for the pictures n my mind too. There is the one of us holding hands in front of the judge on our :”wedding” day. The thought of me standing on the corner where he dropped me off waiting for him and watching the snow fall. The two of us standing in front of the closet a week before, deciding to wear outfits that matched and laughing, saying our wedding colors were blue and blue!

Following the tips from week 3, I used answers to the journaling question and commas to make my lists into blocks, or paragraphs. I embellished my captions and put them together.

The big finishing touch in putting it all together is from week 4. How does celebrating being married for a year make me feel? More in love than ever!

Exercise 5

This week’s exercise is a full journaled page. Remember that how large or small the text is completely up to you. Say all you want to say, but don’t feel obligated to write more than you need to tell your story.

Think of a special moment or a strong feeling that you don’t have pictures to go with and paint the pictures with words. Don’t forget to use the journaling skills you’ve worked on! Use some borrowed journaling for a word art or even for a first line in your journaling. Make a list of things you want to say and embellish the points to create journal text. Look at the pictures in your mind and write down captions for them that you can string together into a block, Answer the “Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.” Use the techniques that you are most comfortable with and construct a detailed journal, a story about an event in your life, an emotion in your heart or a tale in your family history

Use as many papers and layers for your base and embellish with elements, clusters, whatever you’d like, but this week, NO PHOTOS!

This week’s freebie is a four template set for full-page journals, although you can use them for a base for photo scrapbook pages too.

Click preview to go to download
Password is more-words

Here is my first anniversary page:

Credits: Kit – Cherish by SKrapper Digitals
Template – Journal Camp Template Finale 4 by Digitalegacies Designs

Remember to leave a link to your layout here. Everyone who leaves a link by June 7 will get the full kit Because of You by Digitalegacies Designs.

One random winner from the posted layouts will win a Journal Camp sponsor gift certificate for Flower Scraps’ store valued at $3.99, which will buy a full free kit!
Another random winner will get Makenzy's Garden by Pixel Perfect.

I hope you’ve had fun at Journal Camp and that you’re taking away some tips to make it easier to add great journaling to your layouts! I can’t wait to see your full journal pages!
Last Week's winner of a coupon to Scrapp Cocoa's Ginger Scraps Store
#4 - Silly Saskatchewan


jg said...

cant download templates. it says the password is wrong. i copied and pasted it in, so i know i in-putted it right (even checked the pasted copy in notepad).

Leigh said...

these are great! but the password doesn't work for me... is there another way to get them?

Michele said...

4shared does not like you week 5 password. Help!

Nani said...

4-Shared problem is fixed. Sorry for the wait.

Silly Saskatchewan said...

Here is mine. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I still can't believe I did it :) Thank you SO SO much for doing this. It has helped me incredibly. Thank Thank Thank you:)



Karen said...

Yeah! Got it done. This was a story I've wanted to get written down for awhile now. Thanks so much for all your work with the journal camp, it has been very helpful. :)



Karen said...

Oops! I thought I might have used the wrong link, and I did. Ignore my earlier comment. My prior link is for last week (week 4), here is the right link. No pictures in this one, promise. Sorry about that.



Edna B said...

Nani, thank you so much for having this journal camp. I have really enjoyed it, and have definitely learned so much about the importance of journaling. If you ever decide to do this again, count me in. I'll be first in line to sign up. I have posted my layout on my blog.


Nani said...

Karen, I couldn't leae a comment at your layout, but the story is so sweet!!! I love the cluster you did on the layout too!

Noelle said...

here is my week 5 I kind of cheated but it turned out long so I had to add the picture.



jg said...

i never thought i'd actaully be able to do this. thank-you so much for this wonderful camp. i hope you'll have more in the future.
here's my week 5:

Karen said...

Thank you Nani! Sorry about the comment situation, I just created a blog, but I don't know how to blog anything. LOL You did a great job with journaling camp, maybe you could a do a blogging camp. :)

Michele said...

Ok.. I have the whole story but am going to do the rest in some journaling and pictures and have a book made. But here are the 2 pages I did for the JC. This is a story I have wanted to write for 10 years. Now here it is. Thanks for JC; I had a blast.

Page 1

Page 2

6grand said...

I'm a little late but here it is:


This was so challenging for me! Nani I loved this camp such a great way to learn. TY TY TY for the lessons and all the freebies you so generously shared with us.
If you start any other classes let me know I'll sign up for sure...even if you charge a little!
This was so worth it!


Barb said...

Thanks for the great Journal camp Nani - I had intended on finishing up with week 5 and then got pulled away. Turns out that in the 3rd week of STS's This scrappers got talent we had to journal. I ended up doing the story I was going to do anyway, but with one picture. Hope you can take a look at it anyway even though it doesn't fit your criteria.
Thanks again, Barb