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Monday, August 31, 2009

We’re Ba-ack!

At the Joliet Jack Hammers game on August 15
one of 952 photos my hardworking point-and-shoot
put on my hard drive this trip!

We got in around midnight last night from our 16-day tour of west of home for our honeymoon, seven months after we got married. Hey, it was only 5 weeks after the reception. It was a great trip and I’m thinking we should have more honeymoons!

Okay, maybe not full honeymoons. Two weeks away from the kids was rough. You can’t call a cat and say things like “Are you having a good time with Grandma? Be good! Mommy and Daddy love you and we’ll bring you home something special” Those things comfort and even excite human kids of 4 and 13. Okay, the 4-year old might cry, but Grandma will say that they’ll see Mommy and Daddy soon and feed them ice cream and they’ll forget about being upset that they’re gone. The 13-year old would probably be having friends over for a party.

We did bring home Friskies Party Mix treats from Iowa for them. They were happy about those. The partying seemed to have consisted of finding the downstairs bag of stinky treats and chewing it open. I tried to see if it was just chew marks or claws too. That would tell me which one of them was the guilty party since Baggle doesn’t have front claws, but truth be told, the bottom of the bag was too shredded to tell if it was teeth or teeth and claws that opened it. There were a few treats left in the bag too which makes it seem more like Kaline did it. Kaline is also the one who knocks over the waste basket if I throw out the empty package so she can try to get into it. But it was chewed open under the table, where they both hang out, so who’s to say?

They liked their souvenir and things quickly went back to normal. Kaline slept on my hip and then in between us at the end of the bed, Baggle wanted his water in the bathtub that he enjoys before we go to bed and he came in for morning scritches and to ask for breakfast. They either really liked the Iowa treats or just trust us to come back, even if we’re gone a long time. They were very happy to see us when we got in, though!

I’ll be telling a bit about our trip this week in segments. The Monday Mug Shot is coming up with a little about the South Dakota part of our trip. We stayed the night in South Dakota seven nights, including our only multiple night stay in Rapid City for three nights. We stayed 3 nights in Iowa, 2 nights in Illinois and Minnesota and one in Nebraska. The only state we visited that we didn’t spend the night in was Wyoming.

Coming up this week, I’ll talk about our trains from the past two weeks tomorrow and I’m planning to share some photos from the touristy things we did for Photoblog... Photo-ALBUM-blog Wednesday, the baseball log on Thursday and the dessert tally on Friday. It was our honeymoon. We had dessert every day. There was one day we passed on dessert, but we went to iHop for breakfast and enjoyed pancakes to make up for that!

I’ll also be getting my schoolwork done, returning some phone calls, laundry after our trip, making a trek up to Dad’s to help Grandma out with some things and accompany her for some tests she’s getting done and squeezing getting things ready for the new challenge at Scrap Bird. I’m also hoping to secure an internship in networking by the end of September. The honeymoon is over, time to get back to work with a vengeance, huh?

I hope you’ll stop back and enjoy a little of my experiences in four new states with lots of trains and baseball that mark our first big married-trip and a foundation for many happy adventures to come!

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