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Monday, August 10, 2009

Home For A Little While Now

I’d declared today my lazy day! Well, I mean I‘d put “be lazy” on my Monday to-do list. It was a fun weekend with David in Cincinnati, but now, after all of the running around up north with Grandma last week and a weekend of train chasing, I’m just really in need of a break!

So, now it’s August 10. By the end of today, I need to FINALLY have my challenge posted at Scrap Bird and the bonuses sent out from last month. I’m still working on that. I had dinner, Nani’s special roasted veggies, read my to-do list and realizing I forgot to lay round and watch TV while I ice down my back.

Hmmm. That was an important one too.

I still have an hour of toady left.

I did sleep in until 9:30 this morning and I’ve taken it kinda easy today. I ordered my text book for my fall class and gathered baseball schedules for our honeymoon. That was actually on my Tuesday list, but David went in to work at 2 this afternoon, so I totally blame him because we started talking about where we’ll go next week. We want to gather schedules and directions so we have a rough itinerary of what we might do on our honeymoon. That’s important too! I’ll take a couple hours with the ice packs tomorrow

Grandma is doing better. She’s had some follow-up tests done today. Dad is with her right now and he was her escort today. They are working on getting her medications at the right levels. It’s kinda like that scale my doctor has me step on all the time to monitor the progress of wife 1500. You move the counterweights to the current target and hen rock them back and forth until they’re level. Only this is levels and consistency of blood and you cut or increase medication until it levels where you want it to be. Grandma’s hoping to leave to spend a little while at Dad’s place this week. They’ll make sure that’s okay with her doctor tomorrow.

We are, as a family, checking out senior apartments near where she is and near where Dad is. She’s concerned with the costs and wants to explore he different choices. I think that’s a good idea, but I doubt she’ll be happier with the cost of living down state from where she’s at. I’m sure I’ll hear the details as they get them this week. Grandma sent me home at the end of the week to be with David. It’s a sweet notion from back in her day – I’m a newlywed and should not have to be away from my husband. So yeah, while I was there worrying about Grandma, she was worrying about me. I come by my tendency to put my own issues in the background honestly, uh? So, when Grandma put her foot down to me and told me to go home after Dad got there, I didn’t have much choice!

I’ll send some more update tomorrow!

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