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Monday, August 10, 2009

Team Pride, Group Style

If you’ve been reading here or on Facebook and read about or saw pictures from our wedding reception, you know what a fan of customizing I am. We had so much fun with our custom M&Ms and I was so flattered to her the reviews on the programs, which were in the style of a newsletter direct mail ad and of course, everything was a fun David and Nani theme, including our bride and groom hats and the replica dress and tux t-shirts! We also did name tags for our guests at the ball park so we could identify each other as part of the party in hopes of opening people up to mingling.

I think stuff like that is awesome. I’ve been to games where groups had t-shirt screen printing done for their outing, whether it was a company holiday or a bachelor or bachelorette party, even just a girls' day out done in a big way. Have you ever been to a park and seen people in their family reunion tee shirts? I’ve seen them done for all the kids at Bar Mitzvahs too.

LogoDogz Pintz is a great place that is known for their quality screen printing tee shirt work. Do you have an event coming up that you could use tee shirts for? How about shirts for the Football boosters t your kids’ school? As the cooler fall nights set in, LogoDogz does custom screen printing on sweatshirts too!

There are lo shirts in kids’ sizes. I was thinking matching shirts for a preschool group outing to the zoo, what a great idea to add one more bit of visible security for the kids. Adults and kids of the same group are readily identifiable and anyone can see if the adult touching a child from the group is NOT with the group. See? Custom logos are not just for sales or fun, they can be used for safety too!

If you have a use for quality screen printing, LogoDogz Print is an excellent choice for your custom logo services!

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