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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pizza Time!

"The Usual"

David got a good laugh out of me last night. I let myself order pizza once a month; it’s my splurge. I know things, like a small Marco’s pizza is 26-36 Weight Watchers points, depending on the toppings and it’s 2 meals for me. It’s usually lunch and dinner but sometimes dinner and breakfast. Yeah, my inner-20-something still enjoys cold pizza the next morning.

Now strange as it sounds, at least to me, my American-born husband doesn’t eat pizza. Everyone has different tastes, but I thought pizza was one of those things that, I don’t know. I mean, pizza, ya know? I think the maturing of priorities is so important. Think if we’d met in our early 20s with very different taste in food and music. We wouldn’t have ever dated, even though we have so much in common in hobbies and core values, which is often overlooked in the dating game at a very young age. So I’m married to a man that doesn’t share my appreciation for Frank Sinatra, Iron Maiden or Drake and we won't share a meal of Mexican, Cincinnati Chili or pizza. I’ll make that trade for being able to discuss religion and politics at a baseball game after a day of chasing trains knowing we’ll still sleep comfortably under the same roof.

What that means for pizza is two things. I order pizza when he works the night shift but I get to pick the toppings, all of them! Last night when he got home and was preparing his midnight snack, he looked at the pizza box that held my Saturday breakfast and asked what toppings I got. I don’t think he’d ever asked me what toppings I ordered before, so I told him it was one of my usuals, a Nani-Classic pizza; pepperoni, bacon and onions, well done. Marco’s, my pizza of choice, bakes them light, regular, well-done or extra well-done. I went on to tell him that’s been my go-to pizza since my teens. “The Usual” is that pizza on half, with banana peppers, green olives and feta on the other half, making two different meals and my “Specialty Pizza” is the Cheesy White with banana peppers and green olives on a thin crust baked extra-well so it’s like a white sauce with tangy extras on a cracker.

David laughed at my pizza soliloquy. I asked why it was funny, because lots of people have regular toppings they always order. But what he was laughing at is that I have names, Classic, Usual and Specialty, for what I order. That’s just part of my organized brain. If Marco’s remembered the pizzas in addition to my address and the nearest location that delivers to my address when i sign in to my account, I’d have those three pizzas and my favorite condiments on a salad saved with those names for one click ordering. Hey Marco’s, if you want an online account idea…

So, are you a pizza fan? Do you have regular toppings you like or do you try different things when you order?


Edna B said...

Oh my, now you've done it! You've made me hungry for a pizza. Hmmm, I have a spinach pizza in the freezer, and it's sounding like it just might be my lunch today. My very favorite toppings are green peppers and extra green peppers. Sometimes I change it to green peppers and extra cheese, or green peppers and sausage. Oh gosh, now I'm really getting hungry!!

I gave Pogo some left over steak for breakfast (from last night's supper), but he's not interested. I wish he liked a bigger variety of foods. Even better would be if he had some teeth. But he doesn't and he doesn't. It's a daily challenge to find something tasty that will tempt him to eat all of his food.

Tonight I will try to tempt him with a homemade beef stew, made in my new pressure cooker. I've never used one of these machines, so wish me luck.

Enjoy your pizza, Nani, and have a fantbulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It looks yummy. Yes we are huge pizza fans and growing up in Chicago we only like the best! They now have Home Run Inn pizza at Sprout's grocery store so we no longer have to buy the blah Pizza Hut each Friday night. Our favorites from the Chicago area are Gino's deep dish, Aurelio's thin crust and Barone's.

Winged Heart said...

Hey there, Nani! It was so great to read your message on my blog! I, too, am very happy to be back together in the world of the wide web! LOL I'm having a great time designing again and hope my health holds out so I can continue until the end of time! Now, as for pizza...if I buy one at the grocery store, it's always DiJiorno's spinach, mushroom and garlic one. If I buy one at a pizza joint, I like Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, roasted red peppers and pepperoni. I do like Marco's white pizza with chicken, peppers, mushrooms and onions, but don't have one that delivers where I'm living now. Boo Hoo for me! I'm like you, it's a splurge once a month and, also like you, I get to pick ALL the toppings...only it's bacause I live alone. Another Boo Hoo for me. LOL Stay in touch, girl. I'll check in with you often. *HUGS* Sally