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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Book Review: Divine Justice (Camel Club #4) by David Baldacci

Finished September 4, 2015

Synopsis at Good Reads

Known by his alias, "Oliver Stone," John Carr is the most wanted man in America. With two pulls of the trigger, the men who hid the truth of Stone's past and kept him in the shadows were finally silenced. But Stone's freedom has come at a steep price; the assassinations he carried out have prompted the highest levels of the United States Government to unleash a massive manhunt. Joe Knox is leading the charge, but his superiors aren't telling him everything there is to know about his quarry-and their hidden agendas are just as dangerous as the killer he's trying to catch. Meanwhile, with their friend and unofficial leader in hiding, the members of the Camel Club must fend for themselves, even as they try to protect him. As Knox closes in, Stone's flight from the demons of his past will take him far from Washington D.C., to the small, isolated coal-mining town of Devine, Virginia-and into a confrontation every bit as bloody lethal as the one he left behind.

My review at Good Reads

5 or 5 stars

Initially I had a character problem with this one. Two of my favorite authors use the same last name for men of different levels of authority at CIA. Maybe I should change genres and read those books with Flavios and Blades to swoon over. Nah, I’ll stick to getting used to THIS Knox; Joe. It only messed with me for a couple of chapters before I focused on the current Knox anyway.

It was a great follow-up to Stone Cold, picking up where it ended and answering my question about how there could be a Book 4. Oliver is being hunted by CIA investigator, Joe Knox. Knox was ordered to locate John Carr (AKA Oliver Stone) and report back to a higher up wo unbeknownst to Knox had a personal reason he wanted Carr silenced before he was caught by some other branch of government where the higher up could end up facing having to admit to not so legal doings of his own if Carr was brought to trial.

Oliver saved a young man in a 3 on 1 fight and travelled back home with him to a quiet small town where Stone figured he might be able to hide for a while. Except that it turned out the little town of Divine wasn’t so quiet. Stone ended up in the middle of a murder investigation with a bigger than you’d expect in a small town drug ring involving a power dunk warden at the local super-max prison and the drug-addicted workers of the local coal mine. Not so quiet, but definitely the base for some serious action and the book doesn’t disappoint.

Members of the Camel Club are searching for their needle-in-a-haystack friend by tailing Knox unearthing clues to Oliver’s whereabouts just after Knox does while trying to get to Stone before Knox does. As Knox searches for John Carr he finds facts that point to him not being involved in legit investigation for reasons of questionable morality. The questions in Knox’s mind become even less clear when he finally finds John Carr; war hero who has become Ben; drifter and local hero.

It’s a great book with action, moral dilemma and even a little bit of a love scene. See, I don’t need to change genres after all. Considering where this book ends, I look forward to seeing where book 5 goes!