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Saturday, August 22, 2015

What Does “Kitty Whipped” Mean?

Behind Orange Eyes

I haven’t written in a while because there hasn’t been new stuff for a while. Well, that and I let Carla and Marco put their paws to the keyboard because they had stuff going on. Carla graduating from Obedience School last year was huge and we let her ride that salmon upstream for a while…then we ate it. Carla and I also found out that Marco leaves us alone when he blogs. It almost makes me want to give Macro a blog of his own just to keep him out of our fur but Mommy says that’s not such a great idea. I think that cuzza proofreading. Marco is the only member of the family who types worse than Mommy.

So Mommy uses a phrase I don’t get. She calls herself “kitty-whipped.” I think it must be a good thing because she uses it when she talks about her cat-staff work and I know she loves her job. Well, maybe not working for Marco so much. Marco wants to go outside and make people chase him until he goes inside. Mommy doesn’t do doors, she opens windows, but not doors. But she usually does everything we tell her to do and we’ve never whipped her. We’ve never used the cat-of-three-tails on anyone. I guess that’s because we’d have to agree to make a cat-of-three-tails. But we’ve never whipped her, never had to because she does whatever we want. It just must be something good.

Hey speaking of Mommy and how good she works, She started doing something for me every night. She sleeps on the chair that goes back like a bed and I sleep in her lap. Well, one night she left some treats on her table so I had a snack when I woke up. What a great idea! Well, the very next night she forgot to put treats out for my midnight snack when I looked for them. I let her know she forgot and now she makes sure there are a couple of treats on that table for me at bedtime. That’s when I hear that “kitty whipped” a lot. Anyway a midnight snack for Kaline is a great idea. Way to go, Mommy!

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Edna B said...

Gosh, you are so bad Kaline!!!!! (Just kidding) My little guy wakes me up in the middle of the night because he's hungry and I get up and get him something to eat. So I guess I'm "whipped" too. "Doggy whipped!" haha

We're not really whipped. We are just doing what any loving mommy does. And the purrs and the licks and the woofs make us feel so loved.

Don't be so hard on Marco. He's a boy. What can I say? We have a boy cat and he is the same way. It must be a "boy" thing.

Well, now I'm going to keep catching up on your Mommy's posts. You have a sweet night, and I hope there's a bedtime treat waiting for you. Hugs, Pogo's mama.