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Monday, June 15, 2015

What’s The Difference Between A Latte and A Mocha?

I asked David if he’d bring me home a latte when he left the casino. I’ve been to that casino and they served up a great latte to enjoy while I read after donating my roll of quarters. Since he’s not a latte drinker he couldn’t find the coffee place I’d been to and I asked for a McLatte from the drive through on the way home. He obliged and ordered me a fat-free latte at the McDonald’s drive through. What he brought home was NOT a latte.

McDonald’s makes an acceptable latte and I’ve gotten McLattes for my drink on many occasions. A plain fat-free latte is coffee and a serving of fat-free milk. I like the taste and it’s a dairy serving and even a power-food on the Weight Watchers plan. What I don’t like the flavor of at all is equal parts hot chocolate and coffee with nothing else. That’s a mocha and a bad one. It’s also not a dairy serving and carries the calories of the half hot chocolate. But that is the monstrosity they gave David instead of the latte he paid for yesterday. I’ve gotten that horrid drink on more than one occasion instead of a fat-free latte and from more than one McDonalds in more than one state. What’s up with that?

This one is not just me. A plain fat-free latte is my go-to coffee drink. I’ve never gotten a grotesquely warped mocha when I’ve ordered latte at Starbucks or Panera. I’ve ordered it and David and Kelly have both ordered it for me from different McDonalds, seen it on the view screen that is supposed to “guarantee” that a customer’s order isn’t screwed up, and gotten the same screw-up. It must be a corporate-accepted proper way to McFAIL.

I support raising the minimum wage and I have to say that as a consumer this makes me support it even more. If you have to have a second job to pay your bills you likely spread yourself mentally too thin and even if you are trying to get by just on one minimum wage job you’re likely not getting paid enough to buy your “give a damn” about the job. Either way, the customers suffer. Once they’ve left that drive-through window how many people back track to complain? The franchise owner and corporate make the sale without paying for the employees loyalty to the job or providing customer satisfaction.

In the end I poured out the 20-ounces of bad mocha. I’ve poured out more bad mochas than I returned from various McDonalds. When I do return the bad mocha and get the latte I ordered I don’t feel like it’s making much more of a difference than to get the drink I want and occasionally a coupon for the next coffee on them. To me it’s obvious that employees aren’t being trained correctly. How is it that the SAME improper directions are spread corporate-wide? Is McDonalds failing to give proper instructions to franchise owners? Folks, this is really how the trickle-down stuff works; the money stays at the top and poor quality goes corporate-viral.


Kelly said...

Well, baby doll, I'm sorry I wasn't there to make the necessary phone calls to Corporate for you to correct their way of thinking and operating. Next time I am there, I will make sure I call them several times over several days, just to make sure that I make up for all the times I've missed. I miss you! Love you!

Edna B said...

While I don't buy the McLatte's or Mocha's, I still do have complaints about the service at McDonalds. My Pogo likes to have the double hamburger plain for supper now and then. However, at least two out of five orders that we buy are messed up. How does one mess up a plain hamburger? They put condiments on it, they put cheese on it, etc.

I agree that a better hourly pay would be very nice, and most likely deserving. BUT !! Sabotaging my food is not an acceptable way to let your boss know that you want more money. Poor service should not be rewarded with more money. I do believe that the workers should get merit raises based on their performance at work.

The same goes for WalMart. They are the cheapest employers going. They are spending millions on TV advertising talking about all they plan to do for their employees, when they should have put the money in the employees' pay envelopes instead.

I know a lot of people who work for WalMart, and not one of them has yet to receive one penny more in pay or benefits. So now I wonder what all that TV advertising is all about?

Well, it's time for me to go post my own blog. You have a super day Nani girl. Hugs, Edna B.

seamhead gypsy said...

Just a few short comments... Here in town our local Wendy's could mess up a single order for a medium frosty through the drive. So now whenever we order, I go in and then I check my bags before giving up one inch of counter space. Point number two, maybe McD's problem is that they (like the other fast food take always) are trying to be something they're not. Did you ever notice that no matter what fast food takeaway you go to, that their menus are nearly identical? McD's should leave the special coffees to Starbucks and DD. point three...see paragraph three of Edna's response on just giving a higher wage.

Go Tigers...eh, I mean Red Sox!

Christine Kajfasz said...

If you ask me, McD's jumped the shark the day they tore down the red and white stripes and built the brick buildings. Burgers, fries and shakes were all they needed back in the day!